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Incorporation: Malcolm Bond on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 27, 2017

Farmer, and much appreciated Salt Spring Island vet, Malcolm Bond was born and raised on Salt Spring. He is not concerned with a possible farm tax increase under a Municipality “it might be a small amount extra and it’s for the greater good of our Island.”

Incorporation: Undecideds Event – Patricia Lockie on Benefits of No Vote

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 25, 2017

Patricia Lockie, former journalist and communications consultant, gives the introductory speech at an event for undecided voters put on by the Positively NO group at Meaden Hall on Aug.22. Patricia outlined the benefits to the individual and to the community of a no vote.

Incorporation: Misrepresentation of Islands Trust Position

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 25, 2017

A Letter-to-the-Editor was sent to the Driftwood from the Islands Trust Chief Administrative Officer, regarding disinformation about the Trust being circulated within the community in advance of the municipal incorporation vote for Salt Spring Island electors on September 9, 2017. Below is the copy of the letter: There is much information and disinformation about the […]

Incorporation: Vote NO and Keep Our Options Open

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 25, 2017

If Salt Spring were to vote for incorporation on Sept. 9, this would close the door for a number of options for positive change that are open to us under our current system. This is one of several reasons why I will be voting “no”. Like many others, I would have liked our governance and […]

Kinder Morgan + the NEB Process

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 24, 2017

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMX) has been a contentious issue in British Columbia for three years. I have had many conversations with people passionately placed all along the spectrum of support to opposition. The BC government announced recently that they will be taking a different approach to Kinder Morgan’s project than their predecessor. […]

Incorporation: The Islands Trust – Saviour or Scapegoat?

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 24, 2017

The Islands Trust may seem both noble and necessary to one side of the incorporation debate, but it’s a scapegoat for all that ails us to the other. Perhaps the Trust does say no more often than it says yes, but the average person probably doesn’t know how many pressures there have been to develop […]

Incorporation: Minister Notice and Clarifications for Proposed Patent Letters

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 22, 2017

CRD Director Wayne McIntyre, Islands Trust Trustees George Grams and Peter Grove have been notified of additional incorporation related details and key elements of potential letters patent for a proposed Salt Spring Island municipality by Selina Robinson Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing MLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville. They are posted here for our community review. If […]

Incorporation: Island is Already an Almost-perfect Paradise

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 22, 2017

In 1968 I moved from London, England up to the Arctic, to Old Crow, to do a photography assignment for the National Film Board for the summer months. On my way back to London, I stayed at a friend’s cottage in Vancouver, and somehow never went back to London. Vancouver in the late ‘60s and […]

Incorporation: Warning to Salt Spring from Two Bowen Islanders

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 21, 2017

Recently I talked about incorporation with Nerys Poole, a Bowen Island municipal councillor and trustee from 2008 to 2011 and with Gayle Ferguson, the contract minute taker for the Bowen municipality from 2000 to 2013. At the top of Nerys’s warnings for SS islanders is the loss of the Islands Trust preserve and protect mandate. […]

Incorporation: Local Governance Options without Incorporation

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 21, 2017

The incorporation debate is generating creative and exciting solution-seeking discussions throughout our island. Conversations about those things we love about Salt Spring – and the reasons we moved here – are being enriched by explorations of creative ways to enhance local governance without incorporating. Most of these conversations are random, taking place while shopping at […]

Incorporation: Debate Live Stream Hosted on the Exchange

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 21, 2017

(Note: The video archive of the debate is available here now that the live stream is complete. There were a total of 1148 people who watched the stream at different times during the time it was live with an average of 275 peak concurrent viewers.) In partnership with local streaming media specialist Robert Reinhardt at […]

Incorporation: A Vision of Co-Creative Sustainable Development

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 21, 2017

Hi all, I know this post is long, but I have poured my heart into these thoughts and words, I really care about this community where I grew up, and have returned to nest and raise my family. We are collectively making a decision that is critical to our future and the future of our […]

Incorporation: Email to a Friend

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 18, 2017

I don’t think there are meaningful answers to the questions you have raised. I think the actual vision for Salt Spring is still best articulated in the Islands Trust object: “to preserve and protect the environment and amenities of the Gulf Islands for all British Columbians.” I haven’t heard any articulation of another vision for […]

Incorporation: A Chance to Express Who We Are!

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 18, 2017

What an opportunity we have before us! We have a chance to truly express who we are, our past and importantly, our values as they relate to our future. Now we have the opportunity to dispel the undeserved title: C.A.V.E. dwellers (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) by spearheading the measured and exciting change that will propel […]

Incorporation: Order Vs. Chaos

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 17, 2017

For me the Sept 9th referendum is a vote of order-vs-chaos. Salt Spring’s quaint hodge-podge of electoral and improvement districts represents anything but order, in my opinion. It’s a creature with many tentacles but no brain. Just look around: No acceptable traffic plan in Fulford village; inadequately marked walking trails; none of the roads leading […]

Incorporation: Harold Swierenga is Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 17, 2017

Listen to the wisdom of our elders: Harold Swierenga, has been a Co-op Farm Director, Commercial Farmer, Economics Professor, and has a ton experience in local governance. 8 years experience as municipal councillor and reeve of municipality in Ontario. Served as Warden (head) of Lanark County Council. Served as a director of Federation of Canadian […]

Incorporation: The More Beautiful Our Hearts Know Is Possible

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 17, 2017

In The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, Charles Eisenstein very clearly distinguishes that we are in the process of transitioning from an Old Economy, that ensures our demise, to a New Economy that is essential, not optional, if we are to survive as a species. (He is very clear that the transition […]

Incorporation: Where Is the Larger Voice?

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 17, 2017

Salt Spring is in the midst of an incorporation campaign as everyone on our island knows. But who else knows? I love all our Gulf Islands and want to protect them all from over and inappropriate development. I have a hard time abiding views of others who can only see what is good for them […]

Incorporation: The Facts About Our Roads

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 17, 2017

The Final Incorporation Study Report repeats, at least eight times, that Salt Spring taxpayers put pay $90,000 more per year into the in Provincial Rural Taxes than they get back in road works. How accurate is this? The report estimates that an average of $1,360,000 was spent annually in routine maintenance in recent years, or […]

Incorporation: Response to Open Letter to the Fire District Board of Trustees

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 16, 2017

A group of ex-Fire Board Trustees have written a letter to the current trustees chastising them for not coming out in favour of incorporation after an attempt was made to strong arm them to do so. Our current trustees sensibly waited to hear what the “no” folks had to say. That group didn’t ask the […]

Incorporation: Taryn Muldoon on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 15, 2017

Young spoken word poet and activist Taryn Muldoon explains why she is voting NO.

Incorporation: North Salt Spring Waterworks District and Funding Options

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 15, 2017

The North Salt Spring Waterworks District (“NSSWD”) is, by far, the largest water Improvement District on the island with well over 2,000 connections including commercial properties in Ganges, schools and the hospital. Faced with a major investment program to meet provincial regulations, including new treatment plants at St. Mary Lake and Maxwell Lake and raising […]

Incorporation: How a ‘Farmer’ Mayor Changed Me from Yes to No to Yes!

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 14, 2017

I went from a staunch YeSS! voter to a PosNo voter … and then the more I supported the PosNo’s position and saw how much they want to preserve and protect (which I do), prevent rampant development (which I do as well), save our precious farmers (love buying local!) and prevent runaway tax increases (yeah, […]

Incorporation: Ron Cooke on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 14, 2017

Ron Cooke is involved in a number of affordable housing projects. He is voting yes. “I have lived on Salt Spring for 29 years, raised a family here and worked as a carpenter and later in home design – quite often in conjunction with Rammed Earth. I serve on the Board of Directors at Salt […]

Incorporation: A Municipal Engineer’s Perspective

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 14, 2017

This article is written for those who are currently undecided relative to the upcoming incorporation referendum, and are interested in reading a Municipal Engineer’s perspective before making a decision. I am not one who writes articles to local papers; however, after having received the Positively No flyer in the mail I thought it prudent to […]

Incorporation: Dave Phillips on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 14, 2017

Surprising before and after perspective on some past referendum votes on Salt Spring by Dave Phillips, Salt Springer for 47 years. Owner of Dave’s Drilling & Blasting ” I’m looking forward to a left wing environmentally responsible, non- elitist compassionate community under local government!”

Incorporation: What Can a Water District Do?

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 13, 2017

The North Salt Spring Water District needs money: to raise the Duck Creek weir and for an eventual treatment plant at Maxwell Lake. Their board has recommended incorporation as the best option for raising those funds. But is it? The Facts Accessing government grants does not mean receiving Far from it: applications to the Canada […]

Incorporation: Report Card on Local Governance

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 12, 2017

Progress on SSI under the current local governance structure; With another incorporation drive underway, we should not forget the considerable progress that has been achieved on Salt Spring Island under the existing Capital Regional District/Islands Trust local government structure since the 2002 referendum rejecting incorporation. The initiatives cover community facilities, housing, agriculture, energy and climate […]

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Community News

  • Salt Spring National Art Prize Announces...

    by on July 18, 2019

    Five Salt Spring artists have been named as finalists for the Salt Spring National Art Prize (SSNAP). They are among the fifty or so artists from across Canada to have their work eligible to win one of nine awards, six selected by jurors and three selected by public vote. Local artists are also in the […]

  • Notice to Bus Riders – Detours on ...

    by on July 18, 2019

    Effective July 22 to August 30, 2019 – Please be advised that Walker’s Hook Road will be closed for repairs between Fort Street and Hedger Road beginning July 22 until August 30, 2019. This closure will be in effect 24 hours a day during these dates. During this time period please note that routes 5 Fernwood and 6 […]

  • Podcast: The Tiny Home on Wheel’s ...

    by on July 8, 2019

    I’m on the Salt Spring Gulf Island Community Radio interviewing people near and far who are making good news on the planet by helping to shift the outcome of our future. These people and companies have created solutions to local and global issues we’re facing at the moment. Sharing the good news that’s happening on […]

  • Carrot Day

    by on July 5, 2019

    It is time for my annual reminder to sow lots of carrots for winter harvests in the next week or two. For me, July 1 is always Carrot Day as well as Canada Day (US readers: think 4th of July). As long as you sow before July 10, your carrots should have time to grow […]

  • Minister Seeking Input on Private Manage...

    by on July 3, 2019

    Minister wants your input on future of British Columbia forests – On May 28, 2019, the provincial government announced a review of the Private Managed Forest Land Program. They have invited British Columbians to add your voice to the program review. The province is accepting public comments until July 22, 2019. Over the past few […]

  • 2019 Eco Living and Home Tour: Ideas, In...

    by on July 3, 2019

    Headlines announcing biodiversity collapse and climate catastrophe can feel paralyzing. Even the most committed environmentalists may not know where to turn for solid information on the kinds of innovative — and dramatic — lifestyle changes that experts say will be need to weather the coming changes. Salt Spring’s Eco Living and Home Tour highlights what […]

  • BC’s Rural Islands Launch Economic Forum...

    by on June 27, 2019

    For the first time BC’s rural islands have launched an initiative to cultivate rural island economic partnerships. The Rural Islands Economic Forum (RIEF), a two day event, will bring together leaders from rural island communities to focus on advancing local and regional, sustainable, economic capacity building. The Forum gets underway on Pender Island on November 7 […]

  • Survey: Should British Columbia Adopt Ye...

    by on June 24, 2019

    British Columbians are invited to share their views on how we should observe time in our province. Most areas of B.C. currently “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time during summer months and “fall back” to Standard Time in the winter. The following choices are being considered: 1) B.C. continues the practice of changing our clocks […]

  • Podcast: Adam Olsen speaks with Raffi – ...

    by on June 20, 2019

    When I first thought of transitioning my weekly Public Circle LIVE! broadcasts from Facebook to a weekly podcast, I had it in my mind to invite Raffi as a guest. We have run into each other a few times now at the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market and I appreciate his forthright political commentary on Twitter. It all […]

  • Fire News: Chief’s Response Report – 201...

    by on June 20, 2019

    Vision: A responsive and sustainable fire-rescue service, effectively meeting community needs and valued by those we serve. Mission: Always learning, engaging and adapting to be response ready. Response Report Salt Spring Island Firefighters responded to 61 calls for assistance in May.  (Calls to Date:  291) Operations To be proactive regarding wildfire prevention a recommendation was […]

  • Salt Spring Foundation Announces 2019 Ne...

    by on June 18, 2019

    The Salt Spring Island Foundation, in partnership with Salt Spring Island Community Services, is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2019 Neighbourhood Small Grants. The Neighbourhood Small Grants program offers grants of $50 to $500 to support projects that bring people together, share skills and knowledge, build a sense of community belonging and responsibility, […]

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