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Incorporation: George Grams Post Referendum Statement

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 10, 2017

The turnout for, and the result of, the incorporation referendum yesterday were both satisfyingly decisive. For myself the result marks a conclusion to the question of which governance model is appropriate for our community and I hope others feel likewise. Work remains to be done on island to continue to preserve and protect our environment […]

Incorporation: Peter Grove Statement on Election Results

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 10, 2017

I am pleased that our community has reached its decision about the Islands future form of governance. It has been a long journey for all those involved and there are so many we must thank: the two separate committees, the first looking at governance and the second being the incorporation study committee itself; the countless […]

Positively No Campaign Statement on the Preliminary Results of the Referendum on the Incorporation of Salt Spring Island

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 9, 2017

The real winner tonight is Salt Spring. By rejecting incorporation, 4,248 islanders (63.1%) showed their support for the principles of local governance and a vision for the future of their rural island home championed by Positively NO. As a consequence, Salt Spring will continue to be guided, preserved and protected by a unique and progressive […]

Incorporation: Gulf Islands Alliance Asks You to Vote “No”

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 8, 2017

While Salt Spring residents and property owners are the only ones who will have a vote on whether or not Salt Spring will become an island municipality, that decision will have an effect on all the islands in the Trust area. In fact, the Island’s Trust mandate is to protect the islands for all British Columbians. […]

Incorporation: One Bad Council

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 8, 2017

Before moving to Salt Spring fifteen years ago, I lived in the small town of Port Hope on Lake Ontario, about an hour east of Toronto. The town’s population was the same size as Salt Spring’s, and it had a similar mix of farmers, business owners, artists and writers (among them Farley Mowat). Through unusual […]

Incorporation: Business and Reality

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 8, 2017

Some folks are using the history of our friend Mickey McLeod and his business, Salt Spring Coffee, to suggest that things would be very different if we had a municipality here. I won’t argue with his version of the story, nor will I take on the folks who are advocating for him. That said, here’s […]

Incorporation: Tipping Point

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 6, 2017

Salt Spring Coffee was forced off the island some time ago, and now the last remnant of that unique success story, the RoCo cafe, is closing its doors.  Tree House is open and operating, but the bureaucratic hurricane that surrounds that venerable landmark may eventually take its toll.  The Source has closed its doors, as […]

Incorporation: Forward, Not Backward: Trusting Cooperation over Conflict

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 6, 2017

Having run in the 2011 Islands Trust election as a clear opponent of yet another referen- dum on incorporation, I have been asked my position this time around. Has my view changed? First, I would like to thank those on both sides of this debate for the substance and tone of their appeals. Unfortunately, I […]

Incorporation: Municipality Needed to Address Social Needs

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 6, 2017

Let me start at the end of my story: only a municipality can bring together Salt Spring’s various agencies, coordinate and provide solutions. Disjointed problem-solving creates interminable delays despite a consensus that something be done to help young families establish themselves here. A new beginning in the fall of 2012, my partner and I decided […]

Incorporation: Who is Voting NO?

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 6, 2017

Over 700 islanders — your friends, colleagues, and neighbours — have come out against incorporation. Click on this link to see who has signed on, including: Dan Jason, Andrea Le Borgne, David Miller, Richard Murakami, Andrea Palframan, Sue Newman, Deirdre Roland, Brian Brett, Jade Snow Rosen, Bob Twaites, Sue Earle, Harry Warner, Lea Weir, Tiff […]

Incorporation: One Good Reason

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

If you need only one good reason to vote NO… It is a fact that every municipality in BC struggles to pay for their increasing costs for infrastructure—roads, police, parks, fire protection, and so on. This puts a huge amount of pressure on their councils to either raise taxes, which everyone is resistant to, or […]

Incorporation: Countdown

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

On September 9 Islanders will be faced with two drastically different visions for local governance. The choice we are being offered, however, was not “made on Salt Spring.” It was carefully crafted by a provincial government guided by its own interests — downloading massive costs onto a fledgling municipality. Take roads. (The province would love […]

Incorporation: Rationale for Opinion

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

Along with others, particularly the SSI Trustees and the two committees we selected , I have been involved with the two SSI studies for over five years; the first the comparison of our present governance system with the municipal model and the second a full incorporation review, including financials. The Trustees and I were stewards […]

Incorporation: David Borrowman on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

Former trustee, David Borrowman speaking at a recent Positively NO public information event.

Incorporation: Key Reasons to Vote NO

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

There are many reasons to oppose incorporation. Click on this Top Ten list. Salt Spring is again facing a referendum on Saturday, September 9 as to whether the island should incorporate. It is the issue that won’t go away. A previous referendum about whether to incorporate, in 2002, failed; 70% of voters opposed it. The […]

Incorporation: Telling It Like It Is

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

Right on! Telling it like it is. Some more voices speaking to the need for change.

Incorporation: Ronald Wright on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 5, 2017

Island resident and the author of ” A Short History of Progress”, Ronald Wright speaking at a recent Positively NO event.

Incorporation: Arthur Black on Supporting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 4, 2017

Humorist, writer and former broadcaster, Arthur Black giving a speech recently on why he’s a NO supporter.

Incorporation: Municipal Engineer’s Perspective in One Image

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 4, 2017

Peter Brouwer, Salt Springer and Retired Municipal Engineer has spent 30 years providing planning and engineering services to small cities, towns, villages, rural counties and municipal districts in western Canada. More specifically he provided guidance to Councils relative to existing infrastructure rehabilitation and new infrastructure spending. He wrote one of the most insightful analysis of […]

Incorporation: Tiffany Wightman on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 4, 2017

Tiffany Wightman is an educator, counsellor and a circus director. She has called Salt Spring home for 17 years. She explains the many reasons for voting NO, adding ” I think that what we’ve got is pretty radical…so I’m voting NO with the idea that it is a radical move”.

Incorporation: Islands Trust Trustee George Grams Weighs In

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 4, 2017

“In considering whether to respond to the many requests I’ve received from members of the local community to make public my position on incorporation I have at all times been guided by Islands Trust policy. Two policies give direction on the subject. The policy on Standards of Conduct, clause 2.7, directs that elected officials shall: […]

Incorporation: CRD Director Wayne McIntyre Weighs In

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 2, 2017

The Salt Spring Island governance referendum vote will be held on September 9th. The two options will be to remain with the status quo or to move to a municipal model. Many have asked for my opinion, which I believe is appropriate to share. My experience in local government is extensive and I believe as […]

Incorporation: Impact on the Trust

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 2, 2017

The “Yes” campaign’s ads would have us believe the Islands Trust will remain unchanged under a municipality. Setting aside the obvious question — then why go to all the trouble of a referendum? — this is simply not true. Much about the Trust would change; none of it for the better. Unlike today, Salt Spring […]

Incorporation: We Are Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    September 1, 2017

These visionary Salt Springers have years of creating incredible businesses throughout the world and donating to the arts on Salt Spring Island between them. They have hopes and dreams for the future of Salt Spring Island!

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Community News

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    by on 22 hours ago

    The Salt Spring Island Foundation, in partnership with Salt Spring Island Community Services, is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2019 Neighbourhood Small Grants. The Neighbourhood Small Grants program offers grants of $50 to $500 to support projects that bring people together, share skills and knowledge, build a sense of community belonging and responsibility, […]

  • Island Youth Soccer Association to Build...

    by on June 14, 2019

    Salt Spring Island Youth Soccer Association (SSIYSA) is excited to announce that School District #64 (SD64) has agreed to partner with the SSIYSA to build a brand-new all-weather turf field with lights at the Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) lower field. An All Weather Field Feasibility Study was presented to the SD64 school board yesterday […]

  • Salt Spring Island Foundation Announces ...

    by on June 12, 2019

    The Salt Spring Island Foundation is pleased to announce over $148,000 in spring grants for local charities, including $30,000 targeted to youth recreation programs. The Foundation thanks the many generous donors who make these grants possible.  BC Parks/Friends of Ruckle Park Heritage To create and install six new interpretive signs for Ruckle Provincial Park to […]

  • Crofton – Salt Spring Island Ferry...

    by on June 10, 2019

    The Crofton terminal is located within the Municipality of North Cowichan on Vancouver Island. The terminal connects the community to Vesuvius Bay on Salt Spring Island. Passengers travel on the Howe Sound Queen for a 25 minute sailing. The Howe Sound Queen has a vehicle capacity of 52 AEQ* and can carry 300 passengers and […]

  • Salt Spring’s Strategic Plan for A...

    by on June 8, 2019

    Salt Spring Island’s 2008 Area Farm Plan – the strategic plan for sustainable agriculture – needs to be renewed to provide a blueprint to take Salt Spring’s agricultural community forward to 2030. The first Area Farm Plan was based on a vision to support Salt Spring becoming a place where “agriculture is a strong, vital […]

  • Watch: “The Pharmacy”a Silen...

    by on June 7, 2019

    Country Grocer tells a slapstick accounting of how they merged with a neighbouring pharmacy!

  • World Oceans Day: Local Action Needed

    by on June 6, 2019

    The waters around our island are experiencing another push for industrialization. Freighters started anchoring at our island. Similar to a factory or refinery they are bringing industrial pollution – chronic engine and generator noise, lights, air and water pollution. More anchorages are expected and will affect more beaches and neighbourhoods. There is no protection in […]

  • Requests for Proposals: Ruckle Active Fa...

    by on June 5, 2019

    Friends of Ruckle Park Heritage started in 2016, to help save an old south-end farmhouse by moving it to Ruckle Provincial Park. The owners bulldozed it anyway, but the Friends have carried on, working with BC Parks to enhance the visitor experience of Ruckle farm. It’s been a slow start, getting our bearings, while work […]

  • Salt Spring Island Treated Effluent Disc...

    by on June 5, 2019

    An emergency construction project on the wastewater treatment plant outfall pipe has taken longer than anticipated resulting in an unplanned bypass of the outfall pipe of fully treated and disinfected effluent. The treated effluent has entered the storm water system and discharged to the ocean at the outlet of Ganges Creek. The shoreline to which […]

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