About Me

Once upon a time she was a war correspondent, a wild dolphin swimmer, an organic farmhand, a clown... Now, rooted in the earthy and the ethereal, an alchemist of song, Oona’s evocative Celtic harp and piano entwine with her pure voice to evoke a primal beauty.

Soothing, grooving, eco-Celt, organic and emotive, Oona’s new CD Honey and Holy Water flows with urgency and wonder. The honey bees are disappearing. The oceans are in peril. Will we make it back to the garden before the jig is up? From the fun and funky re-creation of the trad tune Drowsy Maggie to The Wild Ones’ heartfelt plea for preservation, through the broken-open love song, Where the Emptiness is Full, this album navigates mystery and loss with purity and grace while encouraging us to cherish what might yet be saved.

Oona’s music is a river connecting song to sustainability, heartache to hope, passion to possibility, revealing an artist who not only loves the world, but believes we can transform it. An occasional traditional melody appears with eclectic instrumentation. Evocative lyrics meet a sometimes soaring, sometimes uniquely percussive harp, merging with world instruments to create a sound that is earthy and ethereal, moving and transcendent. In live performance, Oona lights up the stage with her wit, compassion and open heart.