About Me


I'm Ellie. The dapper fellow next to me is Terry and the little one stealing the show is our furchild Samwise. When we're not tending to our garden, we can often be found combing the beaches for natures treasures or at play in our studio, working on one of our many art projects. As artisans we love participating in the market circuit and are always eager to meet and learn from other artists. Salt Spring has been calling to us for quite some time now, and we are ready to make that dream come true. If you'll have us that is! We are looking for a place to rent that is Samwise (cat) friendly and ideally has a yard we can garden in.
We can be reached at:
Check out some of our work at: @collidevictoria
Thank you in advance and we look forward to this next adventure!

-Ellie and Terry