Islands Trust Committee Update

This report summarizes the meeting highlights for the Salt Spring Local Trust Committee May 16th meeting. For the official record and for more details, please refer to the minutes and/or view recordings of the meeting.

At the May 16th meeting the following decisions were made related to land use applications and referrals. We:

Approved a temporary use permit (SS-TUP-2024.1, Lot 2 Jackson Ave) for a period of three years for the operation of one food truck and two retail/office spaces.
Approved a Development Variance Permit (SS-DVP-2023.20, 261 Fulford Ganges Road) to vary the rear lot line provision of 7.5 m in the Residential 9 – R9 zone to 2 m to accommodate an existing carport structure and two additional carport structures.
Exempted the 10% minimum frontage requirement for a proposed subdivision (SS-SUB-2023.3, 784 Vesuvius Bay Road).
Reviewed the Islands Trust Policy Statement Directives Only Checklist and determined that Bylaw 536 (rezoning of Section 50 Musgrave Road, SS-RZ-2022.1) is not contrary to or at variance with the Islands Trust Policy Statement. A public hearing for this rezoning application is anticipated to be held at the July 11, 2024 LTC meeting.
Directed staff to initiate drafting bylaws to: amend the Official Community Plan land use designation from Residential Neighbourhood to Shoreline Development; and rezone BC Ferries upland portion of the Vesuvius Terminal from Residential 8 to Shoreline 3. We also requested staff to notify and seek input from First Nations, CRD, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and other applicable agencies.

In other actions taken at the regular May 16th meeting we:
Requested that a letter from the LTC Chair be sent to Doreen and Wayne Hewitt to congratulate them on being recipients of the provincial Community Award.
Scheduled a special meeting for June 17, 2024 at 3 PM to discuss opportunities to improve cooperation in community planning and legislative advocacy initiatives with the CRD’s decision-making bodies.
Endorsed the OCP-LUB Update Project Advisory Planning Commission terms of reference.
Endorsed the Complete Communities Assessment community engagement and communications plan.
Appointed Anne Gunn, Stanley Shapiro and Tim Hiltz to the Advisory Planning Commission.
Appointed Bejay Mills to the Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission.
Thanked Donald Carlson for his service to the Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission.

The Local Trust Committee will hold its next regular meeting on June 6th beginning at 9:30 AM at the Salt Spring Legion, Meaden Hall, 120 Blain Road. Our meetings are also livestreamed and archived for later viewing within a few days of the meeting. The agenda should be available the preceding Friday (May 31th). Office staff are available to help should you have questions about getting to the meeting or viewing the meeting on-line. Please call 250-538-9144 or email for support.

We welcome you to ask questions or make comments during the “Town Hall and Questions” period at the beginning of our June 6th regular meeting (at approximately 9:30 AM).

One of the easiest ways to keep up to date on our meetings is to subscribe on the Islands Trust website Make sure to select the Salt Spring Local Trust Committee to receive notifications.

Your local trustees are always willing to sit down with you and island community organizations or businesses to understand what matters most to you and to talk to you about the work of the Islands Trust. Contact information: Laura Patrick or call 250-538-8170; Jamie Harris or call 250-530-9663.

May 29, 2024 8:24 PM