Next Aerial Spray Date - May 23

2024 Spongy Moth Program Announcement

Trapping and monitoring results from 2023 indicate spongy moth populations are establishing in various locations across the province and require eradication. Thirteen aerial sprays are required to eradicate this non-native, invasive species.

The 2023 high-density trapping program completed on Salt Spring Island was successful. The trapping program limited the growth and spread of the establishing spongy moth population and a 48 ha area will be sprayed in spring 2024 to ensure the population is eradicated.

Salt Spring Island:

May 6 1st treatment completed
May 23 (May 16th postponed due to wind)

Safety data sheet instead of the product label for Foray 48B.

The product label covers application procedures and is more of a "user guide". The safety label covers environmental and ecotoxicity factors and mentions things like "keep out of waterways" so is more relevant to the general public.

May 19, 2024 8:16 AM