2023 Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission official election results

Update May 31, 2023, at 11:54: The Capital Regional District (CRD) is pleased to announce the final results for the Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission (LCC) elections, which identify the following four commissioners who will join Gary Holman, Salt Spring Island Electoral Area Director, to form the LCC: Gayle Baker, Brian Webster, Earl Rook and Benjamin Corno

Voter turnout statistics for the Salt Spring Island LCC Commissioner race (includes resident and non-resident): Salt Spring Island: 32% (3,262 out of 10,219 registered electors)

As part of the official determination of results, the CRD confirmed and verified the accuracy of all ballot accounts, confirmed the calculation of vote tallies from the electronic tabulators and ensured the correct consolidation of total results from across all polling locations including mail ballots.

The Salt Spring Island LCC will oversee and advise on economic development, liquid waste disposal, community parks and recreation, small craft harbour facilities, transit and transportation, street lighting, grants-in-aid, compensation for livestock injured by dogs, and the contribution services for arts, public library, and search and rescue.

The first meeting of the LCC will be held on June 20, 2023. The newly elected members will be sworn into office and elect a chair and vice chair at that time.

Update May 27, 2023, at 21:34: Salt Spring Island went to the polls for the community's first Local Community Commission (LCC) election. Polls closed at 8 PM and votes from advanced voting and today's official election day have been counted. Fifteen candidates sought 4 LCC positions over 29 days of campaigning. Here are the preliminary results as posted this evening by Deputy Returning Officer, Anthony Kennedy:

The final results could vary if the preliminary results are successfully challenged or the initial totals are incorrect. The Declaration of Official Results are expected by May 31st, 2023.

Preliminary results of the LCC election at close of voting, Saturday, 27 May

(The results are preliminary until certified by the Chief Election Officer, within 30 days)

Candidate Total Order
Gayle Baker 1977 01
Jesse Brown 375 11
Kylie Coates 285 13
Benjamin Corno 919 04
David Courtney 284 14
Lloyd Cudmore 753 07
Nejmah Guermoudi 680 09
Jamie Harris 842 06
Jennifer Kerrigan 790 08
Jennifer Lannan 863 05
Eric G. March 146 15
Donald Marcotte 649 10
Jenny McClean 296 12
Earl Rook 1538 03
Brian Webster 1974 02

Total votes cast - 3262

About the Local Community Commission

The Salt Spring Island LCC will be comprised of five members, one of whom will be the Electoral Area Director for Salt Spring Island. The LCC will oversee Salt Spring Island-wide services currently managed by existing appointed commissions and the the Electoral Area Director for Salt Spring Island that will include Economic Development, Wastewater Disposal, Community Parks Service, Community Recreation Service, Indoor Swimming Pool Service, Community Parks and Recreation Facilities, the Salt Spring Island Small Craft Harbour Facilities, Transportation Service, Street Lighting, the Issuance of Grants-In-Aid for Salt Spring Island Initiatives, Determination of Compensation for Livestock Injury by Dogs, the Arts Contribution Service, the Salt Spring Island Public Library Local Service and Salt Spring Island Search and Rescue.

2023 Candidates for Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission

Below is a list of the official candidates who ran for the 2023 Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission election.

Given name Surname Residential Address
Gayle Baker 187 Victoria Street, Salt Spring Island
Jesse Brown 146 Bradbury Road, Salt Spring Island
Kylie Coates 144 Fairway Drive, Salt Spring Island
Benjamin Corno 145 Charlesworth Road, Salt Spring Island
David Courtney 241 Mountain Park Drive, Salt Spring Island
Lloyd Cudmore 186 Kitchen Road, Salt Spring Island
Nejmah Guermoudi 11-212 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island
Jamie Harris 1451-A Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island
Jennifer Kerrigan 300 Canvasback Place, Salt Spring Island
Jennifer Lannan 184-A Kitchen Road, Salt Spring Island
Eric G. March 451 Stark's Road, Salt Spring Island
Donald Marcotte 174 Stewart Road, Salt Spring Island
Jenny McClean 111 Cottonwood Road, Salt Spring Island
Earl Rook 630 Sunset Drive, Salt Spring Island
Brian Webster 529 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island

You can read more about each candidate from those who submitted profiles on the Salt Spring Exchange, including from those who submitted opinions and contributions regarding the 2023 LCC Election.

Thank you to all the candidates who ran and to all those who participated in the voting.