Support for the firehall continues to grow - MP Elizabeth May urges 'Yes' vote

Support for the proposed new firehall continues to grow. Provincial MLA Adam Olsen and CRD Director Gary Holman have both expressed their support, along with the Chair of Transition Salt Spring, Bryan Young, who said “Transition Salt Spring encourages islanders to take steps towards climate change resilience by voting in favour of the new firehall in June.”

Now Salt Spring’s popular Green Party Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May, has publicly urged people to vote yes in the referendum to borrow $9.7 million.

“I am writing in support of the proposed new firehall project on Salt Spring Island. I generally do not take a position on local issues that fall outside federal jurisdiction; however, we know that more emergency situations are likely to arise due to the climate crisis.

It is critical that the Salt Spring Island community seizes this opportunity to be better prepared for emergencies and extreme events. This proposal must be accepted.

Salt Spring Island is in dire need of a modern, public safety building. Taxpayers have an opportunity to vote “yes” to borrow $9.7 million, without increasing taxes, by supporting the referendum. Salt Spring Island is significantly underserved. Residents deserve access to quality community safety infrastructure now and into the future.” (See letter attached)

Approval is being sought from taxpayers to borrow $9.7 million, in addition to $3 million from reserves and $1 million in federal gas tax funding, to build an 11,500 square foot building on donated land near Brinkworthy. No new taxes are required to proceed with the project.

Mail-in ballots are being collected now and must be received by 4 pm on June 30.

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June 21, 2022 2:08 PM

  • Bill Cogswell says:

    I guess we'll need to borrow much more money to move the whole downtown area to higher ground. Can you imagine a rough wave rolling up into the Thrifty Foods parking lot?

  • gregimages says:

    No new taxes required. Hard to believe. That is a $9.7 million loan that property owners will be shouldering no matter how you look at it.