Obituary: Randy Smith

Randy Smith’s Epilogue

I, Randall Smith passed to the next level [Tuesday, December 28, 2021]. I am predeceased by all those who died before me and survived by those who are still alive.

I was born to George and Beryl Smith, June 5, 1949, at a very early age in Welland, Ontario, in the same hospital where my mother was, as I wished to be close to her. From my mother’s point of view the doctor recommended that I be removed in pieces due to problems anticipated in childbirth. She courageously opted for a caesarean section, a hazardous procedure at the time. From my point of view, a skylight opened up and a masked man all in white lifted me gently into a new world. Little did I know at the time this simple act would put the kybosh on a well meaning woman’s attempt later in my life to convince me to do a re-birthing seminar that recreated the birth trauma as a form of therapy. She had a hard time with the skylight analogy.

I hung around for many years and did lots o’ stuff. I met saints and satanists, witches and priests, materialists and mystics, and, fortunately for me, many wonderful friends and my incredible wife, Paula. You were and are so precious to me. You saved me in ways you never could know. Thank you so very much.

I really loved having the chance to hang around. That’s a big miracle, to get to hang around. God must like me since he gave me the opportunity to be and also Paula. Thanks God.

Randy has left the building. Here’s hoping that there’s more.

I leave behind my loving wife and best friend Paula, my wonderful in-laws Gary and Patricia Gregovski and my much loved step-children Gordon Whynot, Pamela Whynot and Heather Haveman and their spouses and families.

Be kind to each other. Have a good laugh every chance you get. Stay calm. It’s worth it, I promise. Don’t eat pizza right before bed. Value logic and reason and forgive my damn pedantry.

All my love from beyond,



PS: That’s my man, folks, thoughtful and funny and wise, helping me to ease into the difficult task of writing his obituary… No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to write his obit/tribute while he was alive. I found it difficult to just “fill-in-the-date” and add this postscript. That’s all for now, more coming, all in due time.


January 3, 2022 3:30 PM

  • Amanda says:

    I don’t know you, Paula, and I didn’t know Randy, but I am filled with love having read this. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • South Islander says:

    I enjoyed this, fun and nice. Sorry for your loss.

  • books says:

    much love, warmth, and many tears to share ... may you never run out of any of these, they are all precious gifts from your special man ... and smiles, and laughter too ... <3

  • willemb says:

    What a great epilogue! Randy sounds like he's good at games. I bet he masters the next level no problem ;-). Thanks for a wonderful read and sage advise. I'll just leave the pizza alone next time. Cheers