Community gathers for Climate Strike in the Meadow

Over 70 community members gathered this past Friday at the Salt Spring Island United Church Meadow for the Climate Strike in the Meadow, organized by Transition Salt Spring. Youth led the way, with many speaking passionately about the future they are facing due to the failure of the older generation to act in time to save them from the worst impacts of climate change.

It will always be the most marginalized who suffer from the failures of any community, and on Salt Spring that means those with poor housing or no housing, people of colour, Indigenous people, and low income people was main message of presenters. Speakers from all of these groups spoke and urged Islanders to act now to support climate change mitigation initiatives, while there is still hope to turn things around. The current way of doing things has systematically marginalized billions of people around the world. It's time to create a society that places people and planet over profit.

Calliope Choir sings at the Climate Strike

September 26, 2021 9:20 PM