New e-bike charging station installation completed at Ruckle Provincial Park

Salt Spring Island’s latest e-bike charging station is now complete. At Ruckle Park, by the parking lot just up from the barn, there are two bike racks and four 120-volt plugins.

It also has two signs. The smaller one, by the receptacle, notes that the outlets are for “E-Bike Charging ONLY” (not EVs, although ideas are swirling about how to get Level 2 chargers out there).

The larger sign, on the front of the kiosk, covers a bit of cycling history on Salt Spring, which goes back to at least 1887, decades before the first car. Safety is an ongoing concern, which e-bikes help address. Their riders go faster up hills, impeding fewer drivers, hence lessening risky passing moves.

Three years ago, Island Pathways and Friends of Ruckle Park Heritage kicked off the e-bike station idea with BC Parks. It took Ron Watts—career photographer and e-energy advocate—to get it done. He gathered additional partners and shepherded it to conclusion. Big thanks to Ron, SSI Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants, SSI EV Group, K2 Services, HillEater E-Bikes, Bearfoot Renewables and Motherwell Accents electrical contractors, CRD, Salt Spring Community Energy, Salt Spring Historical Society & Archives. Tom Vergelan printed the signs at a discount for nonprofits.

This is the first e-bike charging station in a B.C. provincial park, so extra cheers for that!

Island Pathways has spearheaded the installation e-bike charging stations at the Harbour House, Salt Spring Golf & Country Club, SSI Library, Rainbow Road Pool, Portlock Park, Country Grocer (2) and El Loco Taco.

September 22, 2021 4:10 PM

  • Brenda Guiled says:

    K2 Services in this piece should read "K2 Park Services". They stepped up to pay the Hydro bills, which had been the major stall to getting this project done.

    The four e-bike outlets are on a separate sub-meter, so we'll know if cars are plugging in. Let's hope not, because we'd then have to figure out a system to keep these outlets just for e-bikes.