Obituary: Mort Ransen

Mort Ransen; 1933-2021

With sorrow, pride and gratitude we share the news that our beloved Mort Ransen died at the Lady Minto Hospital on Saturday Sept.4, 19 days after his 88th birthday, which he had celebrated joyfully with close family. He had suffered with many ailments in the past year and decided to ease his suffering and hasten his departure with MAID. This enabled him to have wonderful visits with family and friends in the days and hours up to his departure. He left us lucidly, peacefully and humorously. Four children and their partners, four grandchildren, family members, two ex-wives, one partner and many friends are left with their fond and funny memories.

Salt Springers will remember Mort as a South End resident and active community member for 30 years, and as a great and prolific film-maker, most notably and recently with Margaret’s Museum and “Ah … The Money, The Money, The Money”, The Battle for Saltspring.

Gratitude goes out to staff and residents of Meadowbrook, where he spent his last 11 months, his tireless support worker, the Lady Minto staff, and the physicians who helped ease his suffering.

Memorial events and further tributes will follow.

September 11, 2021 9:53 PM

  • anthony ulc says:

    oh Libby this rocks me to my core i am so sorry to hear this. its shitty i loved him. when i lived in montreal i knew of him and his work with the NFB and it was a goal of mine and even a dream to one day work with him. i never thought that i would get the chance to meet him on salt spring. but sure enough one day in mexico i met him through a friend and he auditioned me right there on the beach and we ended up doing Born Yesterday together. it was a such an honor to be working with him. he was creative, inspiring , so intelligent, passionate, very funny and filled with love. i truly loved him i was lucky to get the honor of then working with him again and being his friend. we have lost a great man and an activist for love and goodness. i will miss him dearly....

  • Tree says:

    I was so lucky to be in Born Yesterday as well, thanks to Mort who changed the waiter to a waitress just to accommodate me! What a wonderful Human. Fond memories.

  • Barry says:

    May his passing be peaceful and expansive..

  • Mighty Woo says:

    I was very lucky to run into him on one of his outings a couple week ago at the Tree House. I got a nice smile which was a perfect good bye.

  • Sarah Nugent says:

    I am so sad to read this! I met Mort during our protests against Texada Land Corp in 2000. He made a film about it and I saw him every day for months while he was filming us and everyone involved and had a great connection with him. I was lucky to run into him over the years and catch up. He was truly a real gem and great at his profession and will always remain an inspiration to so many. My deepest condolences to all who live him, especially his family!
    Sarah Nugent ✨

  • Peter Stephenson says:

    I met Mort several times after moving to Salt Spring. His work with the NFB in its heyday was wonderful, and we had several really interesting conversations. He was quietly thoughtful, interesting and just a really lovely man. I'm sure he will be missed by many, many people here, around the country, and beyond.