Salt Spring Island residents and visitors asked to increase water conservation efforts

As the local government as well as the operator of a number of water utilities on Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands, the Capital Regional District (CRD) appreciates the efforts made to conserve water to date.

However, due to the current high level of sustained drought in the region, the CRD is requesting that residents and visitors increase their efforts to conserve water.

Drinking water systems on Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands are especially vulnerable to drought conditions and the levels in most water supply sources are already low with little or no rain to replenish them in the short-term forecast.

In an effort to preserve an adequate drinking water supply, all residents and visitors to Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands are encouraged to decrease their indoor water use where possible and stop all outdoor water use with some limited exceptions.

These outdoor use guidelines include:

  • No watering of lawns, turf or boulevards
  • Limited hand watering of trees, shrubs and vegetables
  • No washing of outdoor surfaces (driveways, sidewalks, decks, etc.)
  • No washing of vehicles and boats
  • No use of motion-activated sprinklers to deter wildlife

In addition to these guidelines, a number of CRD-owned water systems are currently under elevated water conservation restrictions. If you are on a CRD-owned system, please visit for details specific to your local area.

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July 21, 2021 1:56 PM

  • Pyper Slater says:

    Would the power washing I witnessed the CRD do the other day, cleaning off the graffiti from the bus shelter count as "No washing of outdoor surfaces"? Why can't you use rain catchment water to wash the graffiti off, or another non-potable water source? If another source of water is not an option, I would rather have potable water to drink and have to see the graffiti on the bus shelter, than not have potable water to drink, but have a nice looking bus shelter. It would be nice to see the CRD lead by example.