Watch: New Film About Creating a Resilient Salt Spring Released Online

Salt Spring Solutions is a group of volunteers who care about protecting our incredible natural environment while ensuring we maintain a vibrant, diverse, and fair community for all.

Like many, we care deeply about ensuring our island is resilient in the face of the many big challenges facing us in the 21st century. Yet in order to get there, we need to first talk about the sometimes big gap between what we think we are as a community - green, progressive, fair, and low-impact - and what the reality is.

We made this short film, ‘Making A Stand in the Salish Sea’, to highlight some amazing local leaders and thinkers working on solutions, explore what’s standing in their way, and spur discussion and action.

We want to invite us all to imagine new ways of thinking about how Salt Spring can be a beacon of hope and action, and ignite a collective fire to work together to create the solutions our community needs to become more equal, more just, and truly sustainable.

We need to  create our own community solutions together and start implementing them now if we are going to survive and thrive in the face of the multiple crises of our times – not just climate change, water, food and biodiversity, but inter-linked issues of affordable housing, racial justice, and Indigenous rights.

This film is our way of bringing our collective challenges into the daylight, so that we can understand them, find areas where we agree, and work together on the solutions we all need. Because no one is coming to save us – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Check out our short film below, now available to the public online and then visit us at or join any of the many other important local community groups to help take action.

Let’s make a stand in the Salish Sea!


April 7, 2021 8:00 AM

  • Craig Hickson says:

    This is worthy of support. I am curious of how to be involved other than writing the petition. Of which I did and would hope our community support would go far beyond the 200 needed. Changes need to happen and am curious about the step by step processes being initiated to bring about the change.

  • Jon Mathews says:

    A well produced and thoughtful video outlining some solutions to some of the challenges we face here on Salt Spring.

    That is, until at 3:40 when Molly Murphy suggests we shouldn't be clearing land to start a farm. Really?!
    Is this the message Salt Spring Solutions wants to endorse...?!
    Is this really a well thought out solution?

    If you want to create support, your message and solutions must be realistic and achievable.
    When done right, farms can sequester large amounts of carbon, provide job and food security for many locals and contribute to a vibrant community and economy.