Obituary: Nancy Braithwaite

Nancy Braithwaite, September 29 1928 – January 27 2021

Three words to describe Nancy B.
Social, Witty & Endearing

Nancy was born in Victoria BC in 1928 and spent her childhood on Salt Spring Island at Beaver Point with her grandmother, artist, Maud Weaver-Bridgman. After traveling and working in Europe, she moved back permanently to Salt Spring nearly 40 years ago, where she met her husband Roy Braithwaite who was an island oyster farmer and named his boat The Fancy Nancy.

She had a fierce love of animals including her furry friend Bracken, a rescued golden retriever, who enjoyed walks and wandering her beloved Trincomali property with her. And Nancy's many other four-legged friends were Nipper, Tinker, Brooke and Indie. Nancy enjoyed skiing in her younger years, an outdoors enthusiast with a great love of all wildlife and an avid reader of many books on the subject as birds were one of her keenest interests.

Nancy was a philanthropist and well known in the community, with her quick-witted humour and prickly personality, a giver of not only her heart, but also a funder of many charities and foundations. She was involved in clubs and socials including the SSI Trail & Nature Club in which she met many of her dear and long-time friends, the Salt Spring Conservancy, the Salt Spring Library and TLC (The Land Conservancy) in which she funded many projects through her love of the natural world and deep understanding of the importance of a healthy environment and conserving nature, and land.

Nancy will be missed as she had many friends & family including her stepson Peter Braithwaite who visited Nancy often, always bringing her gorgeous flowers and delicious delights from his garden. And Andrea Rankin who was a kind friend to Nancy and often entertained her with their common love of poetry and the arts.

Nancy did not follow any particular religion, though always kind, compassionate and a very loyal friend. Her many admirers, supporters and people close to her, including her closest relative and cousin Briony Penn and the late Heather Robertson as well as her caregiver and forever friend Amanda Love, will miss her dearly and every time we watch the birds at play and hear them sing, we’ll think of her.

Nancy lays to rest in a peaceful forest, under two cedar trees and amongst the birds, the bees and other forest friends at the Salt Spring Natural Cemetery 2100 Fulford Ganges Road.

February 7, 2021 7:45 AM

  • Brenda Guiled says:

    Nancy, dear Nancy, so Salt Spring and so appreciated for her lively, well-targeted contributions to community improvements and also for her anonymous support (thanked privately and in hearts) for some initiatives. She didn't need the recognition, just to see good works get done. We would all do well to try to be the kind of ancestor she has become, each in our own special ways.