Farm Stand Tour and Piping Piper

One of the many charms of Salt Spring Island is our network of local farm stands. Most are trust based stands openly offering their goods to visitors and locals alike. In a 'normal' year, these farm stands dot the island and are an experience that many visitors to the island often recount as part of their stories of time spent here. While many cater to visitors, some are also full-time, year-round farm stands for treats, veggies, meat and eggs that also have many of the staples needed for delicious, local meals.

This year, in response to the pandemic, farm stand operators banded together to organize a holiday tour to encourage locals to get out for a fun, pandemic friendly shopping experience. Numerous stand operators took the extra initiative to light up their stands offering even more moments of beauty and charm.

Our little family bubble hit the road today to visit some of the stands. We came home filled with treats and handfuls of gifts for friends and family. We also had a chance to meet the famous piper of Piper's Buns! Check out the photos from our tour below and watch the video the piper at Piper's Buns stand.

The farm stand tour continues tomorrow rain or shine. Get out for a safe visit and support your neighbours and their stands. Download the 2020 Farm Stand Tour Map in PDF.

December 19, 2020 4:58 PM

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