Salt Spring RCMP Arrest Suspect After Window of Local Business Smashed

On December 14th Salt Spring RCMP officers responded to two incidents in Centennial Park within a few hours of each other.

The first incident was reported as a possible fight involving two men. RCMP members arrived on scene and separated the combatants. It was determined that the best resolution was to separate the two. One man was given a ride from the scene by police to another location of their request. The man agreed to stay away from the area, and would cause no further concerns.

Approximately 2 hours later another incident was reported near Centennial Park. This time it was reported that a window of a local business had been broken. Upon arrival at the scene, the RCMP member saw two men arguing on the sidewalk. The smashed window of Strong River Studios has been boarded up as a result of the incident.

The RCMP member easily identified one of the men as the same man driven from the scene earlier who agreed not to return. Witnesses on scene identified this man as having thrown an item through the business window, shattering it.

This is an unfortunate and unnecessary incident says Sgt Clive Seabrook, Salt Spring RCMP Detachment Commander. This man was given a ride to another location by the police, told to avoid the area and instead he decided to return, causing a scene and breaking a window.

The Salt Spring man was arrested without incident and transported to the Salt Spring Detachment. He is now facing charges of Mischief Under $5000, and is scheduled to appear in Salt Spring Island court in March 2021. He was released on conditions not to attend Centennial Park.

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December 15, 2020 4:54 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Bill Cogswell says:

    Let's have a look at he suspect so folks can remember him.

  • Avatar Pegasus says:

    Enough is enough! It's time for the local RCMP to begin enforcement of laws in this park. It's bad enough during the day with people camping out on the picnic benches and drinking with dogs running around off-leash. At night it's worse, arguing screaming and fighting. I wish to express these behaviors are not reflective of the homeless community at large. These are the actions of several misbehaved (and criminal) individuals who are well known to the police and everyone else.

  • Avatar Gerry Cooney says:

    Lock em up!

  • Avatar Rox says:

    Money problems growing

  • Avatar SirGairth Fairbairn says:

    "....doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

  • Avatar w101 says:

    Suspect should move to Portland, OR.. you can burn down / smash all you want with zero consequences..

    Thx RCMP.. good job.

  • Avatar w101 says:

    huh? I grew up with very little to nothing... Never did it occur to me that crime was the answer. --Hard work is the answer.
    -- poverty does not lead to crime, lack of morality does...

  • Melissa Melissa says:

    Who is the man that broke the most recent window?
    Is there any connection to ALL the other broken windows in Ganges?
    Any connection to the urine dumped on Island Savings and poop smeared on Beachside?
    Any connection to the recent violent assault at Harbour Food Market?
    Is it the same person?
    Our community and business owners need a photo so we know who is known by police.
    Who is responsible for cleaning up Centennial Park?
    Parents don't like taking their children there anymore.
    Our son has seen daytime verbal and physical violence, dogs off leash and multiple drug deals.
    He used to enjoy playing at the park. Those days are gone.
    It's not safe day or night.

  • Melissa Melissa says:

    If, they lock them up ... they are quickly released.

  • Avatar tall cedars says:

    We don't take our kids to centennial park any more either and most of our friends don't as well. It's because it's chaos in the park. We can't let our kids be exposed to the violence and substance abuse that I've seen there.
    I would like the RCMP to enforce Canadian laws in that park such as no drinking gin public or being drunk in public, no violence and no disturbing the peace (yelling and screaming profanities)
    It seems like the park is a "safe from police zone" where there are no laws and people can act in what ever way they want.
    The park never used to be like that. It's only in the last 3 or 4 years.
    I hope for the best especially for kids

  • Avatar Linda says:

    Well lets start with this shelter years round plus showers with towels etc supplied. Laundry food clothing . I frequent the food bank as I pay high rent i didn't see anything about Xmas hamper. I applied was 2 or 3 days late I got a 50 gift certificate barely bought our dinner. I then found out the Xmas hamper was two weeks of food plus 25 cash. I don't t mean to sound ungrateful but it would of been nice to get tha hamper as i walk i dont drivet also heard they delivered one to this guy who didn't apply and one to another person. Who said no thank you. I told community center I wear plastic bags in my boots so my feet stay dry I got on e used lair of socks and one new plus gloves hat scarves. Hat was new also got foot warmers but the bags help keep my feet dry. I think this may be a personal thing cuz I know this one guy that went a week late and they fixed him up real good. I'm a long time local maybe that's it I'm not a transient. This is going g to be one crappy xmas. Sorry for the typos but I. Crying while typing this and feel so damn hurt. I know they could have fixed me up good they did the other guy when I saw one of those hampers I was shocked and so hurt I couldn't wait to get outside cuz I couldn't ho!d the tears back. What have I done to community devices to get this little bit .am I being ungrateful?