COVID-19: GISS Community Member Tests Positive - Contact Tracing in Progress

Medical Health Officer Dee Hoyano from the Office of the North Island Medical Health Officer with Island Health, has issued a notice to the parents, guardians, families and staff of Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) on Salt Spring Island that a member of the school community has tested positive for COVID-19.

The notice indicates that the date of the potential exposure for others at the school as November 26th, 2020.

Island Health is completing contact tracing to identify any staff and students that need to self-isolate or self-monitor for symptoms.

Note: The first version of this story incorrectly identified the confirmed case was a student, but that has not been confirmed. The confirmed case in this notice was identified simply as a 'member' of the school community.

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December 1, 2020 6:39 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Cheryl Benson says:

    This news is quite frightening. I have driven by the school many times and have been very discouraged to see students maskless and not socially-distancing. Perhaps now would be an ideal time to reinforce the need for extra caution and to extend the wearing of masks (i.e. the actual wearing and not just around the neck or off the chin) to all areas of the school and school grounds.

    We are all tired of COVID but it demands our respect and attention... for all of our sakes. Cheryl Benson

  • Avatar SSIDancer says:

    Guess the individual area health officers are making up info details they release that suits them. Other provincial areas have been announcing if its staff or students or combo of both.
    Lets face it there are no privacy concerns as long as names are kept outta the mix.

  • Avatar barirv says:

    Why does it matter to you? Let the contact tracers do their jobs and carry on. Why do you think they are making up the details? There is no evidence of that in the article. It is quite straight forward.

  • Avatar Oona says:

    Does anyone know when these phone calls are being made notifying folks of possible exposure and the need to self-isolate?

  • Avatar Tex Simon says:

    When there was a COVID case at the Treehouse a few months ago, I was contacted day of and a couple hours after I learned my coworker tested positive. Chances are that if they want to reach you, you’ll already have been reached.

  • Avatar Oona says:

    Thank you, Tex!