Watch: Take a Tour of the Newest Section of Multi-Use Pathway at Central

The Salt Spring Transportation Commission continues to make progress extending the multi-use path along Lower Ganges Road. Once completed, this new section now open to the public will extend from Baker Road to Vesuvius Road completing the first phase of this particular section of pathway. Phase two of this latest round of trail work will, when complete, connect the section from Booth Canal Road to Baker Road. Once that section is complete, it will be possible, using a combination of pathways and sidewalks, to safely walk all the way from Ganges to Central on a separate, protected, pedestrian trail connecting into the sidewalks and bike paths of the soon to be complete North Ganges Transportation Plan Project.

Salt Spring Lower Ganges Multi-Use Path Trail - New Section Now Open

November 7, 2020 4:52 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Brenda Guiled says:

    This is a Partners Creating Pathways project, spearheaded by Island Pathways, which received a $100,000 Shaw Family Grant from the Salt Spring Foundation for it, in 2017. Island Pathways partners with PARC, which holds the Licence of Occupation with MoTI, and the Transportation Commission. This latter put another $200,000 into the project, most of it required because of MoTI issues.

    Cheers for the Transportation Commission for its part, to the Foundation's Shaw Family Grant that kicked it off, to the Island Pathways volunteers who lent their immense skills, and to the PARC employees who got it done.

    Extra cheers to the individuals who hung in through thick and thin, for three years, to complete this important pathway. Now, onward to finishing the full distance between Booth Canal Road and Central.

  • Avatar Claudia says:

    The headline for the article states that this is a section of "Multi-Use Pathway" yet when reading the article it is a walking pathway only. this a multi use pathway or for walking only?

  • Avatar Brenda Guiled says:

    It's multi-use, for all modes of active-transportation (including mobility-aid users) that are comfortable using it. Cyclists often prefer to stay on the road, because the crushed gravel surface of the pathway, especially when it's new, takes more work to ride on than pavement. Cyclists also have to share it with those on foot, wheelchairs, and using walkers, making for a different sort of ride that just minding the road and traffic. But cyclists are definitely welcomed to use it -- especially those putting safety over the easiest, faster way to go.

  • Avatar Craig Hickson says:

    I love what has been built so far. As a new mobility scooter user. I am wondering if there are plans to lay a level surface the goes past the cemetery? Thank you for making Saltspring commutable.