Watch: Bicycle Life - How The Electric Bicycle Is Transforming Island Lives

What if we chose the electric bicycle as our primary way of getting around? Instantly lowering our costs of living, reducing our carbon, increasing our health, supporting the autonomy of young and old, reviving a vibrant local economy, on streets designed for everyone? Swapping our car for the ebike took some courage, but with safe, connected trails like the Salish Sea trail network, it would be an easy choice for many. This little film imagines the possibilities.

October 29, 2020 12:58 PM

  • w101 says:

    We rented E-Bikes in Kelowna over the summer... OMG, they are so much fun... The bikes are great on bike paths, but there's no way I would use as practical transportation around Salt Spring with most roads having very little space and drivers blasting past inches from me etc..
    NO way. Not worth the risk.

  • SSIDancer says:

    Maybe the bicycle crowd could get together and get serious about wearing some reflective clothing day and night on our roads.
    I do enjoy dancing with you but see you still insist on wearing black in spite of a little chat we had a year or so ago.
    Yes the electric bike will change lives and for some it will not be a healthy experience. For some perhaps it may be their last. experience. Outspoken just got in some reflective jackets and are advertised on the exchange.
    Motorcycle stats tell us you are 5 times more likely to have an accident on a motorcycle than a motor vehicle. Motorcycle riders are 20 times more likely to die in a accident.
    You can be sure bicycle accidents are similar regarding the odds of being killed.
    Hopefully we will dance again if this pandemic is wrestled down.

    All the best Sam LoBalbo

  • Darlene Gage says:

    What a beautiful film! It’s time for safe cycling routes on Salt Spring! Let’s keep pushing to make this happen. Thanks you Rathje family for your amazing example of what is possible. You are my heroes.