North Ganges Transportation Plan Sidewalks and Bike Lanes Nearing Completion

The North Ganges Transportation Plan design for pedestrian, cycling, and intersection improvements along Rainbow Road, non-harbour side of Lower Ganges Road and design intersection improvements to Upper/Lower Ganges intersection is now nearing completion.

The estimated $1,700,000 project was built by Victoria, BC based Don Mann Excavating.

Have a look at the video of the project nearing completion, photos of the project during construction, photos of the project nearing completion and detailed plans of the original working drawings outlining the scope of work of the project.

Take a Video Tour of the Project Nearing Completion

Photos: Project Under Construction

Photos: Project Nearing Completion

Engineering Drawings for the Project Prepared by J.E. Anderson & Associates

Click on the working drawing images to see the detailed PDFs of the project plans.

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October 16, 2020 2:19 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar w101 says:

    Beautiful work.. It looks amazing! Traffic flaggers had smiles on their faces many times I drove through.. --What a great crew of workers!

  • Avatar Brenda Guiled says:

    Many cheers for this, in the making since 2007.

    It completes part of the 2005 "Bikeway Review" of the 1999 "SSI Cycle Route Inventory", which recommended, in priority sequence, that we build:
    1. Lower-Ganges bike lanes first, ... into village
    2. Ganges Hill, climbing lane to start
    3. Fulford Harbour terminal area and approach
    4. Vesuvius terminal and add shoulders on Vesuvius Bay Road

    MoTI has dedicated funds to widening and repaving Ganges hill, to be done next year. They've promised to then carry on through to the top of Fulford hill, while working with BC Ferries to complete to their terminal.

    A big hold-up was settling the incorporation question, because that would determine who pays -- not mentioning this to get into any discussion, just to say that we're free and clear to lobby MoTI hard to get this needed work done, because they own our roads, and the work and bills are fully their responsibility.

    We're doing it ... and we're going to get it all done in the next few years, because we're on a roll, the roads can't wait, and the zeitgeist is with us now.

    Check this out, very inspiring!