Salt Spring RCMP Release Videos of Island Savings ATM Vandal

Local Salt Spring RCMP continue to seek help identifying a suspect who was recorded on security cameras vandalising the ATMs of the Salt Spring Island branch of Island Savings in the early hours of Saturday, September 5th, 2020. The suspect can be seen emptying liquid from containers while wearing a hood, mask and surgical gloves. Local reports at the time of the crime suggested the liquid smelled like urine by those who used the ATMs on the day after the vandalism.

Salt Spring RCMP and First Western Credit Union (Island Savings) Corporate Security released videos of the vandalism to the Salt Spring Exchange in an effort to help bring forward information about the as yet unidentified suspect. Three security camera videos captured from different camera angles at the bank's rear and front ATMs were provided. They have been stitched together by the staff at the Exchange into one video for easier viewing.

In the videos, the suspect appears to have vandalised the rear ATM at Island Savings at approximately 3:38 AM and then moves to the front ATM on McPhillips Avenue less than 2 minutes later at 3:40 AM. The suspect appears to be wearing a red hoodie with a black shirt/jacket underlayer, baggy, possibly camo style pants, black shoes/boots and a black backpack with a distinguishing white stripe down the back of the pack. In the first video, the suspect is seen carrying two jugs of what appears to be similar liquids in two different types of containers. After emptying the first container on and around the rear ATM, the suspect moved to the front of the bank and vandalised the 2nd ATM by dumping the contents of what appears to be the 2nd remaining container.

Here are some additional still images pulled from the security camera videos. Watch the full video below.

The ATMs and ATM lobbies at Island Savings have been disinfected and deep cleaned on multiple occasions since the incident and pose no harm or risk to any patrons.

Anyone with information about the person in the video is being asked to contact Constable Ted Turgeon of the Salt Spring Island RCMP at (250) 537-5555 or Crimestoppers at (800)-222-8477.

The incident occurred the same weekend that feces was reportedly smeared on Beachside Cafe. It is not known if the incidents are related.

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September 29, 2020 7:19 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar jesse magnuson says:

    Just a passive observation: I would think the camera quality of a firm such as Island Savings Credit Union, would be better than my 2001 Nokia flip Phone.

    Peace and Love

  • Avatar Jason Watkin says:

    Someone knows, this was planned. Urine and feces saved up. I am stating the obvious that this is not just about mental health. Can we please at least entertain the idea that consistently trying to soften consequences results in further undesirable and enabling consequences? Have any of the window breakers had consequences worthy of note? Is this compassionate, skilful to enable folks to continue to act on their vices, and then make excuses for the behaviour?