Time-Lapse: Salt Spring Marina Demolition and Reconstruction

After 30 years of keeping boats safe and secure, the old Salt Spring Marina on Salt Spring Island was showing its age. In October of 2018, Island Marine Construction began demolition of the cherished marina. It was with a mix of emotion that the team who manages the marina watched the docks, pilings and the memories taken apart in Ganges Harbour.

With a few issues and delays along the way, the harbour dredging was completed and Island Marine began construction. Along with the new ramp, pilings, docks and break water, the refurbished marina now includes new a Wi-Fi system for guests, online booking form and new surveillance security tools. The new marina is engineered to withstand immense wind conditions and waves, while also being eco-certified by Clean Marine BC. Sea-Flex anchors, cleated fingers and double pilings are designed to help ensure guests sleep safe & sound in their berths.

While the reopening of the marina was delayed, and continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with cross-border visitors currently restricted from entering Canadian waters from the United States, the new marina is an investment in Salt Spring Island's long-term tourism industry.

Our team at the Salt Spring Exchange put this time-lapse together, captured from our Ganges Harbour Live Cam hosted at Moby's Pub at the base of Ganges Harbour, that highlights the transformation of this important community service. Watch:

September 17, 2020 8:59 AM

  • SSIDancer says:

    Yes unfortunately the marina is an long term investment in tourism. This island does not need any more attractions regarding tourism given that tourism has been responsible for gutting our rental housing for the work force that keeps this island functioning. How long till we have a Whistler situation with service workers being bussed to Crofton and Schwarz where they walk on to picked up in Fulford and Vesuvius by busses and taken to the downtown core where they will disperse to retail outlets for their shift and then reverse the scenario at the end of the shift. Uncontrolled tourism does not build community. It destroys community.

  • w101 says:

    I respectfully disagree. The market is dictating/responding to what Islands Trust / Salt Spring Island democracy has says it wants. If businesses fail due to lack of labour, and affordable housing is not built it's because voters voted that way. We had a chance at a municipality and voters said no. So renters like you and I simply move to where life is more user friendly. Let the owners of Salt Spring turn it into their private park.. Who cares? It's their property. They own it. It's not worth getting upset over.

    Once the owner of the house I rent finally decides to sell or use for something else I'm outta hear like everyone else.. C'est la vie... 🙂 BC is a beautiful province with many amazing places to live and work.

  • w101 says:

    Nice job on the video!! So cool...

  • w101 says:

    outta "here".. not hear.. (iPhone dictation) --uuurg