Salt Spring Island RCMP Seeking Help Identifying Island Savings ATM Vandal

Local RCMP are seeking help identifying a suspect who was captured on security cameras defacing Salt Spring Island Savings ATM machines in the early hours of Saturday, September 5th, 2020. The suspect can be seen emptying liquid from containers while wearing a hood, mask and surgical gloves. Local reports at the time of the crime suggested the liquid smelled like urine.

Anyone with information about the person in the photo is being asked to contact Constable Ted Turgeon of the Salt Spring Island RCMP at (250) 537-5555 or Crimestoppers at (800)-222-8477.

The incident occurred the same weekend that feces was reportedly smeared on Beachside Cafe.

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September 17, 2020 5:04 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Gerry Phinney says:

    I will donate $500 for any information that leads to an arrest! Anyone want to chip in?
    We need this Disgusting POS Exposed.

  • Avatar Jason Watkin says:

    BEACHSiDE will chip in. It is likely the same person(s) spread human feces on our building that same evening. It looks like a woman to all of us, but video will reveal the way the person moves.

  • Avatar Tanya Schulz says:

    I will start by saying this was not a random act of vandalism, but a very much pre-meditated act.
    Let’s start off, you were masked, and wearing gloves. Perhaps you were wearing the PPE as part of the protection against COVID-19 or perhaps you did not want to be recognized or leave fingerprints. I am guessing if you were carrying 2 gallons of urine, social distancing would not be a problem, people stayed clear of you naturally.
    And let’s talk about the 2 gallons – did you save it up? It must have taken days (likely 4) or perhaps you got your friends to contribute. If so, they are complicit.
    And after doing all that you did, what is your message? You don’t like banks? You have a mental disability and are not responsible for what you do? (mental illness is an explanation not an excuse). Why go to all this work, and not leave a note explaining your actions.
    You are a sad, sad person. I hope you get caught and punished..

  • Avatar cydney says:

    I will donate $200 towards Gerry and Jason's fund.

  • Avatar Islandwide says:

    I agree with Jason Watkin, does look like a woman.

    Look at the eyes, especially on the left side where more skin is showing.
    The eyebrows are also spaced very far apart and look 'soft or feminine'.

    It also looks like the backpack shoulder strap is causing the side of her breast to protrude out.
    As Jason has mentioned, hopefully the video shows the body movements.

    Regardless of whether it is a woman or man, they obviously need some help..!