Over $5500 Raised for Indigenous Legal Defence Funds During Unique Floating Concert

Local organizers with RAVEN Trust, an organization that leads Indigenous legal defence campaigns, raised over $5500 during Salt Spring Island's very first COVID-19 appropriate floating concert. The idea was dreamt up by local organizer extraordinaire, Andrea Palframan, who is the Director of Engagement and Communication with the Victoria based non-profit.

The 'Throw a Boat Down - Concert Afloat with Luke Wallace' invited community members to participate in a truly unique Salt Spring Island fundraising experience that would also ensure physical distancing protocols could be observed. Over 40 different watercraft, canoes, paddle boards, kayaks, and small boats, with more than 80 people in them, floated together while listening to activist/musician Luke Wallace sing in support of RAVEN Trust's work. Another 50+ people also watched from along the shore.

Luke Wallace played a number of his songs that included appeals for respect and preservation of the natural world and Indigenous rights and culture. He performed while floating on local pontoon boat 'Pontiki' which was donated for use by its owners for the event.

Many in the crowd seemed to really appreciate being out on the water together in this unique way for a good cause, even more so because of the past many months restrictions on indoor and outdoor entertainment events. Dozens of other supporters, who were not able to participate in person, joined in via livestream.

September 6, 2020 1:40 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar SSIDancer says:

    Weren’t we asked to keep events to gatherings of 50 people. I can see about 4-5 masks in the photos outta hundred people. Yeah sure some are in boats etc.... and some spaced reasonably and some not. Most on land aren’t it appears.
    Kind settin things up for a fall or a hard rain are we not......pokin the bear it seems to me.
    Maybe the fund raising committee would have been wiser to take the lead from the hospitals "Phantom Ball" fund raiser in these times.

  • Avatar Colin Coe says:

    Hello - what planet do you live on? Don't you know that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to get Covid 19 whilst participating in a socially righteous event. Also, if you are under 40 then it is no worse than a mild bout of hay fever so no masks are required or desired.
    (note to those who take things literally my sarcasm filter is off). The on shore people should be wearing masks , as we have seen recently Covid is on the island.

  • Avatar forest_dweller says:

    As you can see from the photos, people were conscious of keeping a two-metre physical distance except with those in their bubble. The photos are a bit deceiving due to the perspective causing foreshortening. Certainly I didn't allow others to float near my boat! But it was humorous that nobody wore masks, but almost everyone wore lifejackets.