Elders Unveil New Interpretive Signage at Xwaaqw’um Village / Burgoyne Bay

On Sunday August 9, 2020 under COVID-19 precautions, a few families and elders unveiled interpretive signage at Xwaaqw’um Village.

Please come and enjoy a seat at the new Xwaaqw'um Interpretive Signage with your friends and family. End of Burgoyne Bay road on the left, just before driveway to the red dock and parking lots.

"My mom and my dad, in the spirit world now, they’re smiling now. This becoming a reality. So I’m really thankful, I’m really grateful for everyone to make this happen. Everyone who came to witness. All who came to be part. I’m so ever grateful for that.

My name is Tousilum. I am of this home. I am of this land of Xwaaqw’um. I can’t say thanks enough.

It’s such an honour to be home here in Xwaaqw’um. My late great granny lived here. There were 5 longhouses here. It’s always good to be home.

With the interpretive signage here in Xwaaqw’um, so many of the friends and relatives have come together. The elders have come to be here. All of those who helped and prepared this land, prepared the food and the giveaways. T'uwahiye' is smiling here about how we are all coming together on this land. I believe they miss the songs. They love to hear the songs and the dances of this land.
So when I think of all these visions for it to happen takes many many to come together to make it happen. Today it’s that word that they have always used the big little step that we have taken today. To all come together. How our mom in the spirit world now would always say to Ts'l Ts awutul, to help one another. And how that’s happened here today.

How we’ve supported and helped one another to make this beautiful day a memory that we hold on to. So I just say it’s good to be home. Not going to stop saying that. It’s good to be home."

Learn more about Xwaaqw’um (Hwaah-Kwum) at xwaaqwum.com

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August 14, 2020 11:55 AM

Community Comments

  • Avatar FJ says:

    Beautiful to see. Thank you for increasing all our understanding of the history of this land on which we live. Looking forward to bringing along our children so we can all learn together.