Maliview (Salt Spring Island) Wastewater Discharge Notice

A failure of the outfall pipe from the Maliview Wastewater Treatment Plant has occurred resulting in treated effluent being discharged onto the beach intertidal zone. The area impacted is in the vicinity of the Maliview Wastewater Treatment Plant outfall pipe at the intersection of Maliview Drive and Walkers Hook Road on the northeast part of Salt Spring Island.

As a result of this discharge, residents are advised to avoid entering the waters along the affected shorelines as the wastewater may pose a health risk.

As a precaution and in consultation with Island Health, the beach within the affected area will be posted with public health advisory signs until repairs are completed and marine water sample results indicate enterococci levels are below the 70CFU/100mL recreational limit.

August 10, 2020 4:30 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar sheryl says:

    On Aug 12th I saw tourists with kids on the beach north of Fernwood dock collecting seaweed, shell fish etc. I'm concerned that no warning signs were posted as tides move that outfall water north of Maliview.

  • Avatar says:

    Have they fixed the sewage outfall yet? It's been a week and this is the summer when people want to use the beach and tidal water. People were swimming off Fernwood dock. Kind of nasty, don't you think? It would probably cost more and take longer to make signs than to fix it. Come on CRD, something less urgent can wait.