Video: Attempted Assault of CRD By-Law Officer In Centennial Park

An aggressive incident was captured on video this evening in Centennial Park with a suspect attempting to assault the CRD By-Law Officer after being asked to leave the park after a separate alleged earlier assault attempt. This was the 2nd incident witnessed with the suspect attempting to assault the By-Law Officer.

This video was of the 2nd incident after the suspect left the scene and then returned, attempted to throw a football at the By-Law Officer at full force at short-range but missed, then this incident was captured on video.

Community members have been increasingly concerned about large groups of citizens gathering in the park, openly consuming alcohol and leaving significant amounts of trash and garbage in open park areas. At the time of this incident there was a group of 25+ people who appeared to be drinking alcohol in and around park benches, tables, trees and bushes while at the same time other community members were setting up for this evening's open air performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. There has been an increase in homelessness on the island with numerous community members needing stable, affordable housing, mental and physical health support as well as addiction support.

The 36-year-old suspect was apprehended by the RCMP, transported to the Salt Spring Island RCMP detachment, charged with assault and has since been released. He is expected to appear in court in January 2021. The full investigative findings will be presented to the BC Prosecution Service for consideration of appropriate charges.

Caution, video of the incident contains offensive language.

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July 31, 2020 7:37 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Bill Cogswell says:

    To solve the problem in the park one would only need to install a sprinkler system that would either come on with a timed system for one minute every hour or manually when things are getting ugly. Let's get this scum out of the park and bring back the families!

  • Avatar SSIDancer says:

    Attempted assault? It would appear that this man could have assaulted the CRD rep any time he decided too. He clearly was requesting the CRD rep leave the area and waving his hand to encourage him to do so. The CRD rep risked escalating the encounter by engaging needlessly the man rather than leave the park quietly and inform the RCMP. Was the mans behaviour out of order....yes......assault no.

  • Our taxes went up last year for bylaw enforcement, specifically for this park and yet the issues fester. We need real leadership. I blame the CRD, specifically Gary Holman for dragging his feet on this issue and punting it all up to community services and that NGO is overstretched overworked and understaffed.

  • Avatar Mike Murphy says:

    The By-law guy was just doing his job. He was in a CRD park where he was carrying out his official duties.
    Just because he wears a uniform does not mean it’s ok to threaten, attack Or assault him because your having a bad day.
    For an employee to be assaulted/threatened for doing their job is wrong.
    Having a bad day does not excuse ones behaviour.
    The officer did not make the rules, if your not happy with the rules take it up with the elected officials who created and approved them.

  • Avatar Doug Ponsford says:

    Don't know what the guy's situation is (mental state, sobriety, etc.), but this is completely unacceptable behavior towards the CRD employee. Not sure about a solution either, but I sure hate to see this happening in a family area that SSIslanders have worked hard to maintain & improve.

    I'm fairly compassionate, and have no problem helping people who are trying to help themselves. If this is a bunch of free loaders who only take but don't give then something needs to change. The least they could do is pick up after themselves and their pets.

  • Avatar dodo0953 says:

    There are too many enablers in this community who turn a blind eye to this sort of thing under the guise of compassion--illness, physical or mental, is no excuse for bad behaviour.

  • Avatar forest_dweller says:

    Should we just call it a "Substance Abuse and Mental Health Compassion Area" and allow this to continue, and recommend that families, the elderly, and other locals not go there?

  • Avatar Marjorie Blackwood says:

    Centennial is for all Salt Springers, and to have open drinking etc and this kind of behaviour will ruin it for families and all Salt Springers who might want to enjoy. That guy should never be allowed in the park again, bylaws is just doing their job trying to keep things safe and apply some basic rules for all of us to enjoy it together.