Accessible Art: Meet Rhiannon, Dawn, and Debbie

In 2020, with support from the Disability Alliance British Columbia's Accessibility Project, the Salt Spring Arts Council is delivering a year-long Accessible Art Therapy project to provide access to art therapy for members of our community with disabilities. Lead by Artist Stefanie Denz and supported by Talia Peckel, we are proud to work with local organizations G.I.F.T.S., Friends and Choices, and Meadowbrook. Beyond providing individual and group tailored creative explorations, the project also aims to bring visibility to local islanders with disabilities. Project participants' work is on display as part of 'creative expressions' until August 3, in the Mahon Hall Annex Gallery.

Meet Rhiannon:

Rhiannon is 26 years old and moved from New Brunswick to Salt Spring, where she finished high school. Her birthday is on January 7th. Her hobbies include designing clothes and sewing dresses for bears. Her favorite colours are purple, black and blue. Rhiannon lends time to helping at the Lady Minto thrift store and the West of the Moon toy store in town. She lives on a farm with her family, where they care for their dogs Annie, Scoobie, and Luna, in addition to a cat, goats, chickens, and geese. She collects eggs from the hens and occasionally chases the geese. If you’d like to be Rhiannon’s friend, you might consider bringing over some root beer and talking about her favorite TV shows.

Rhiannon's Work:

Meet Dawn:

Dawn is 37 years old and moved to Salt Spring 10 years ago from Fort McMurray. She loves moving her body and especially loves dancing. She sings and finds relationships between songs and movies. She can tell what time and day it is by the TV show that is playing. She is all about colour coordination and will match every colour in one outfit with the ones in her headbands. Dawn and her mom, Dorothy go out to the Legion for dancing and karaoke nights, where they jam out to Queen and Elvis. She wakes up early and makes coffee for her mom every morning, which, Dorothy claims, is cold by the time she gets out of bed.

Dawn's Work:

Meet Debbie:

Debbie is 25 years old and has lived on Salt Spring since age 4, before which she lived in the town of Slave Lake, Alberta. She mostly enjoys swimming, dancing, and yoga as her hobbies, which she is able to practice through the day program at Friends and Special Olympics. She considers herself a friendly and social person, and for that reason enjoys participating in group activities and interacting with others. She has two biological siblings and a few foster siblings, as well as five dogs and a Macaw parrot named Coco. Her dream is to one day compete in the Special Olympics World Games.

Debbie's Work:

July 29, 2020 9:32 AM