Local Resort Connected to Wellness Organization and Alleged Mainland Murder

Salt Spring Mineral Springs Resort is owned and operated by CreateAbundance International Institute Inc. / Golden Touch and has been the focus of recent media reports because of its alleged connection with Bo Fan, a Chinese citizen living in Surrey who was murdered in June, 2020.

Create Abundance/Golden Touch was started in China and focuses on wellness or self-help through tapping energy in nature, according to videos and other information posted online, apparently by the group. It has been offering expensive classes and holding special events promoting its view on finding wealth and inner happiness to Chinese-speaking students in many places in the world, including in B.C. according to the Vancouver Sun.

Mysterious activity near Salt Spring Mineral Springs Resort on Salt Spring Island has been recorded by local Joe Clemente as far back as 2018 when he captured video of military style training on North Beach Road that appears related to the resort.

According to CTV and the Lower Mainland’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), 41-year-old Fan, who died June 17 in hospital, worked for Create Abundance. Police said the company is also known by the name Golden Touch, and said Fan had clients as part of her duties, though investigators said the exact nature of her employment remains unclear.

The Salt Spring Mineral Springs Resort is the location of the privately owned mineral springs from which Salt Spring Island gets its name.

A Golden Touch recruitment brochure obtained by CTV News, refers to Golden Touch as a global communication organization “committed to the spreading of spiritual wisdom.”

It boasts that through lectures and coaching and retreats to places like Bali, members across 33 countries and regions “have their dreams fulfilled about wealth, health, and the power of influence.”

Local residents, Kathy Weisner and Joe Clemente say they’re convinced the “cadets” came from the Mineral Springs Resort property, and CTV News obtained photos from 2018 of “troops” lined up on the grounds, just in front of the resort office.

The murder case and its relationship with CreateAbundance International Institute Inc. / Golden Touch remains a mystery to law enforcement and locals alike.

Watch Joe Clemente's footage of the military style training on North Beach Road recorded back in 2018.

Watch the CTV news report on the investigation.

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July 21, 2020 3:26 PM

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