Accessible Art: Meet Mahjor and Dominic

In 2020, with support from the Disability Alliance British Columbia's Accessibility Project, the Salt Spring Arts Council is delivering a year-long Accessible Art Therapy project to provide access to art therapy for members of our community with disabilities. Lead by Artist Stefanie Denz and supported by Talia Peckel, we are proud to work with local organizations G.I.F.T.S., Friends and Choices, and Meadowbrook. Beyond providing individual and group tailored creative explorations, the project also aims to bring visibility to local islanders with disabilities. Project participants' work is on display as part of 'creative expressions' until August 3, in the Mahon Hall Annex Gallery.

Meet Mahjor:

Mahjor is 54 years old and moved to Salt Spring in 1994. His family is from India, and that is where he was born, as well as where his name comes from. He goes to Victoria to visit his mom every two weeks, and they go to the Hindu Temple together. They often go to weddings at that community temple, which Mahjor enjoys because he is definitely a social butterfly. His birthday is on the 27th of September, and this year Mahjor is turning 55!  Also, in November it will be 18 years since he quit drinking, and he is looking forward to celebrating both of these milestones. Mahjor loves classical Indian art, which he learned about in his adult life. He now enjoys drawing and painting with Stefanie, especially drawing X’s and O’s and the colour purple (his favorite). Stop into Salt Spring Cheese to wave hello to Mahjor on a Wednesday!

Artwork by Mahjor:

Meet Dominic:

Dominic is 73 years old and moved to Salt Spring in 1988. Dominic is proud to be from the Kootenay First Nations near Creston, BC. He enjoys learning anything he can about his history, culture, and First Nations art. He loves going to indigenous cultural events and celebrations. English is not his first language. Dom loves to visit with friends and jamming with other musicians, as he plays the drum. He has been an active member of the Anglican congregation on SSI for over 30 years and has been involved in the Green Party. He is a kind, gentle, and thoughtful man who cares deeply for others and enjoys giving people flowers.

Artwork by Dominic:

July 21, 2020 12:28 PM