The Pandemic Postcard Project - Salt Spring Edition - New Contributions Photo Gallery

The Pandemic Postcard Project, Salt Spring Edition, is a literacy and/or art-promoting project, started by Literacy Alberni, that fosters community connection and legacy-keeping through storytelling and sharing.

There have been some remarkable contributions that have been submitted so far. See some of the contributions below. The project is ongoing and more contributions are welcomed.

We’re inviting everyone in our community (as individuals or as families, partners, roommates, work teams, etc.) to share their stories, thoughts, struggles, successes, lessons learned, blessings given or received, and resolutions made during this moment in history… on postcards.

Why? We’re connected primarily through technology these days through our own profiles and pages. The goal of this project is to celebrate that, while also creating a lasting, physical record of our resilience.

Throughout the project, as submissions come in, we will share some of the Pandemic Postcards on the Salt Spring Exchange. When this is over, we will curate the cards and make them public in a display at the Salt Spring Library. Then all local Pandemic Postcards will be donated to the Salt Spring Archives for posterity. A copy will also be sent to the archives in Port Alberni for their project and some of these cards will be selected for a book they are planning to publish on it.

Help us record our local histories and be a part of the story that is told!

There are no requirements to participate, only that whatever you create must fit on a 5” x 7” postcard. You may use text, art, photos or a combination. Be sure to include your first name, age (optional), and city of residence (example: Jane, age 13, Salt Spring Is., BC). To be eligible for one of three Country Grocer $25 Grocery cards include your contact info. On May 29th, 2020 winners will be randomly drawn and announced on the Salt Spring Exchange.

Submit your postcards by:

  • Mailing them to the address pre-printed on the postcard;
  • Dropping them into the Pandemic Postcard box at Country Grocer or Apple Photo; or
  • Sending your digital creations, scanned masterpieces, or text only pieces to:

We encourage those with young learners in their family to practice their literacy skills through a hands-on creation.

To get you thinking and inspired, here are some ideas:

  • Colours! Crayons! Markers! Glitter! Stickers! Stamps! Paints! Use any or all!
  • Write a poem. Tell a story
  • Share a photo and your memories – people, places, adventures
  • Share a recipe you’ve tried and let us know how it went
  • Use screen captures of meaningful conversations & chats
  • Express your thoughts or feelings through art or words
  • Glue a page from your journals to the card
  • Ask your kids to draw the best and worst parts of their experiences in the past weeks
  • Share the things that you miss the most, or the things that you don’t!

Postcards can be picked up and dropped off at the following locations: Country Grocer and Apple Photo or you can print the templates at home and glue them onto tagboard or a piece of cereal box, mail them in or drop them off to the address on the postcard.

Thank you to our partners who've helped make this project possible:

Here are some of the contributions we've received so far that will be included in the collection:

May 22, 2020 10:59 AM