Meadowlane Seniors Housing Project Proceeding With a Final Project Design

The Gulf Islands Seniors Residence Association (GISRA) Meadowlane Project Chair, Janet Smith met with the GISRA Board of Directors to share the proposed design for the residences at Meadowlane. The board reviewed the plans and approved the design for the 50 unit residential facility that also includes dedicated space for the Salt Spring Seniors Services Society office and program room.

“We are very pleased to have the final design.” said Ken Lee, GISRA Board Chair. “The board considered all of the options and settled on what we believe to be the best scenario for seniors and the community as a whole. The planned facility has 50 residential units as allotted under the zoning approved by Islands Trust. In addition, the medical clinic will remain in place and we have space for the Salt Spring Seniors Service Society.”

In March we were facing up to a six-month delay due to the rejection of our application for a grant under the Canada/British Columbia Community, Cultural and Recreation Infrastructure Program. The Project Team have now examined all design options, achieved some real cost savings, and are currently exploring funding opportunities for the construction. Several people have come forward to support the work and for that we are very grateful.

“We need $4million to start construction. We have reduced the cost of construction by redesigning the building but that is not enough. We are still short $4million. Options to raise that money include: generous donations from the community, or innovative funding systems, or funding that may be coming as part of a government “stimulus package” after the Covid 19 lockdown. We will only move forward on the project when we have the appropriate financing in place.” said Smith.

With more than 110 names on the waiting list for GISRA residential units, the demand for affordable seniors housing on Salt Spring is self-evident. Meadowbrook, GISRA’s original project has operated since 2002 with all 37 units fully occupied. The new Meadowlane residence will make another 50 units available to the community.

For information on the Meadowlane Project contact Richard Walker, Project Director at 250 537-7109

About Meadowlane

Meadowlane is Salt Spring Island's newest seniors housing project. Managed by the Gulf Islands Seniors Residence Association, Meadowlane will provide an independent living community for seniors age 65+. Located in the stunning Gulf Islands on Salt Spring Island, Meadowlane provides 50 accessible and affordable suites on a beautiful property with walking paths and a vibrant social life.

May 22, 2020 5:05 PM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Bryan Young says:

    Congrats. How about interest bearing community bonds at say 3-5%/yr over 5-6 years? I bet it would be popular with the people on island who have lots of investments but would prefer to bring their money home to Salt Spring. 🙂