COVID-19: Salt Spring Literacy Cancels 2020 Book & Jewellery Sale

The Salt Spring Literacy Board has made a difficult decision: we have cancelled the annual Book and Jewellery Sale, which is held in November. The preparation and planning process for this sale begins in April. The volunteers need seven months to collect, sort, clean, repair and price donated items.

We are unable to collect the books due to the need for social distancing and limiting the exchange and handling of goods. The volunteers who contribute the countless hours to make the sale possible would be put at risk should we begin collecting before it is entirely safe to do so. Please hang on to your books as we depend on your donations. We will communicate as soon as we can coordinate a book collection in a safe manner.

Jewellery donations are easier to manage in a safe way. Island Savings has agreed to have a collection bin for jewellery in its branch, effective May 1. This bin is a safe receptacle for your treasured donations – simply drop your jewels into a hole at the top of the bin.

We also understand that our community must focus on its most important and essential needs. Although many Salt Springers enjoy a good book and/or a beautiful piece of bling, we have some pressing priorities that place the sale further down that list.

The good news is Salt Spring Literacy will continue to host the sale in 2021. Be on the lookout for updates in the coming months and think of us for your donations of jewellery and books when the time is right. The sale has been rebranded as the Books and Bling sale.

May 1, 2020 8:11 AM