COVID-19: Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association - Current Update - April 6th, 2020 - 1:11 PM

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Vancouver Island Health Authority has remained stable for some days now. This means physical distancing measures are working. It also means that those who need hospital care or a ventilator have access to them. At some point we may be able to ease up on some of the measures but that time is NOT YET. We all must continue to do our part.

As your health care team we have been working for many weeks now with the health authority and province on contingency plans should there be an outbreak of COVID-19 on Salt Spring or in any rural community. While plans are in place to address transport needs, it is clear that any rural community could easily and quickly exhaust its resources. Therefore, it is imperative that with the nice weather arriving and a long weekend approaching, each of us stresses to friends and family NOT to visit. Please celebrate and remain connected virtually.

It seems that there are more questions than answers about keeping safe with COVID-19. Again, your health care team emphasizes using credible sources of information such as the BCCDC. The news media does its best to report accurately. But news can present the dramatic rather than the boring truth. BC is doing better because we have embraced social distancing!

Here is a link to a credible article about wearing face masks If you are wondering about wearing a face mask in public:

Who should wear a face mask? Experts weigh in on Canada's COVID-19 response

Editorial Note: Read all official, current and ongoing updates on COVID-19 specifically related to Salt Spring Island on the Salt Spring Exchange under our News > 'Special Alert: COVID-19' News section.

April 6, 2020 1:15 PM