COVID-19: SD64 Letter from Superintendent Scott Benwell - March 26th, 2020 - 4:01 PM

Dear families of students in SD64:

As we all know, the return to school after Spring Break this year is anything but normal. I want to reassure you that district staff have been working throughout the break, in partnership with provincial authorities, to ensure that public education continues to provide high quality learning and support services to our students, families, and communities. Like the communities we serve, the school district is resilient and ready to take on the challenges that lie before us in the coming weeks.

Our responsibilities as a school district are numerous and I would like to share with you some of the things we are working on and some of the ways that we see our services continuing – services that will look and feel different for all of us.

The BC Ministry of Education, with advice from the Provincial Health Officer, announced the suspension of in-class instruction to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and to ensure that our students and families are kept as safe as possible. This means that, although students will not be gathering at our schools and in our classrooms, learning opportunities will continue to be our focus. On Monday, our schools will not open as usual; however, our staff will be finding ways to connect with students and families remotely. We are going to need some time to set this up and to find innovative ways to keep students engaged and inspired. As usual, our dedicated teachers, principals and vice-principals will be the primary contact for students and families.

The safety and wellness of our staff is a high priority. This means that access to our schools will be limited and will be scheduled through the school administration. Families can expect to hear from our principals and vice-principals about opportunities to go to the school to collect learning materials, supplies, and personal belongings. Safety for staff also means that our building services staff will be enhancing cleaning routines to ensure that our buildings are clean and safe to enter.

We have responsibilities to support our community partners and families that provide essential services in our communities. This will be an area in which we learn as we go. Families are encouraged to contact their school principal to discuss specific needs so that a plan can be developed to provide supports.

We will be posting the most up-to-date information on our district website and have a webpage dedicated to resources, supports and correspondence to staff and families.

As we work together in our communities, I wish to again reassure parents and families that SD64 is being well supported by our Ministry of Education and that our staff are doing their utmost to adjust to this new reality. We will work with you to address the challenges we all face in our community, work and personal lives as a result of this global pandemic.


Dr. Scott Benwell

March 26, 2020 4:02 PM

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