Local Trust Committee Approves the Meadowlane Project

The Local Trust Committee has unanimously approved Bylaw 515 that establishes the zoning required for our planned Meadowlane facility at 154 Kings Lane in Ganges. At the same meeting, the LTC granted approval of the Development Permit for the facility and voiced support for the project “…as a valuable addition to the affordable housing and community infrastructure of the island.”

Meadowlane is a 75,000 square foot building at the site of the existing Saltspring Island Health Centre on Kings Lane. The medical clinic, so important to our community, will remain in place and operate unchanged, throughout and after the construction of the Meadowlane residential and community hub complex.

The Salt Spring Community Hub is a much-needed facility on the island and will become the new home of the Salt Spring Seniors Services Society. In addition to the arts and crafts space, small library, lounges and boardroom, the Community Hub will provide affordable meeting and multi-function space for community groups, charities and nonprofits. The CRD have already welcomed the addition of the Hub to the island and plan to use the facility as a gathering space during emergencies like the wind and snow storms of last year.

The residential component of the facility will provide 48 affordable housing, independent living units for 65+ seniors, as well as outdoor amenities such as walking paths and a lawn sports area. Two additional units will provide accommodation for staff as the whole complex will serve to relieve some of the housing stress currently being experienced on the island.

Community support for the Community Hub has been growing. Philanthropic and corporate support is beginning to emerge and several individuals and couples have made significant financial contributions to help launch the project and ensure that this much needed community facility is soon built and opened.

For more details on the Meadowlane project, or to find out how you can support the creation of the Community Hub, contact Richard Walker, Project Director at 250 537-7109.

February 19, 2020 10:38 AM

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