Find Out Who Won the 2020 Country Grocer Valentine's Photo Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Country Grocer Valentine's 'Show Us Your Love' photo contest!

Country Grocer has generously donated prizes again this year and select winners will receive: One 'Grand Prize' of a $175 Dinner for Two at House Piccolo Restaurant; Two 'Runners Up' $50 Country Grocer Gift Cards Prizes and all Entrants Win a 10% Discount Voucher at Country Grocer Salt Spring Island (Voucher is redeemable in store until March 4th, 2020)

Winners were selected by random draw live at Country Grocer Salt Spring Island. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who sent in amazing photos of their love. Check out all the photos and scroll to the bottom to find out if you won!

Antrina Marshall and James Marshall

Anne-Marie Mai and Nicolas Mai

Amber Billard and Jason Minvielle

Bob Reynolds and Carron Carson

Brody Paine and Elsie Born

Bronwyn Stocks and Jamin Stocks

Candace Richardson and Scott Mcmunn

Carlo Locatelli and Sarah Boston

Carmen Elderton and David Elderton

Cathie Grindler and Brad Grindler

Chelsa England and Matt England

Christine Mah and Ian Carmicheal

Claudia French and Sam LoBalbo

Daniel Rudick and Jeannine Munn

Danielle Sandy and Mike Horan

Dave French and Kelly Waters

David Butler and Kisae Petersen

Deanna Ford and John Bird

Diana Lundine and Dalton Reid

Diane Gutiw and Pete Gutiw

Dianne English and Nicholas Gaitt

Dianne Pringle and Micha Pringle

Donald Sandberg and Angela Sandberg

Ella Bee and Chris Blaszk

Elsie Botn and Brody Paine

Emily McCallum and Patrick McCallum

Erin Williams and Andrew Aust

Esther Sufady and Bill Showkowy

Gary Bello and Radha Bello

Genevieve Martini and Guido Martini

Hailey Pierce and Sandro Ferrari

Iain Pennington and Lori Johnson

Isis Nesbitt and Eric Nesbitt

Jade Watson and James Chambers

Jaime Taraskiewicz and Jake Taraskiewicz

Jaylene D'Amboise and Trevor Kaye

Jenn De Valk and Jake Zaiss

Jessica Beck and Daniel Logan

Joel Laforet and Joel Laforet

John Herbert and Alicia Herbert

Joi Freed-Garrod and Stan Garrod

Jones Tima and Gibb Wilie

Kailee Budd and Dustin Kinsley

Karen Powers and Kevin Powers

Kari Burgess and Matthew Burgess

Kathy Kendall and Mike Davis

Kim Dalton and Aron Dalton

Kimoko Brown and Joseph Egan

Kristine Mayes and Chris Mayes

Laura Travelbea and Brian Travelbea

Laureen Charlton and John Charlton

Laurie Kovacs and Steve Shortridge

Linda Burgess and Derek Burgess

Linda Dares and Ian Mott

Marilyn Guille and Michael Guille

Marni-Ann Johnstone and Wayne Patterson

evereux and Mark Devereux

Melanie Morris and Simon Morris

Michelle Nadon-Renick and Dave Renick

Paris Wyrozub and Jesse Burke

Paul Oliphant and Judith Oliphant

Paula FitzGibbon and John FitzGibbon

Peter Gladstone and Greg Rideout

Polly Orr and Thais Feliz

Rebecca Hylands and Keith Halper

Ruth Savage and John Savage

Sally Born and Bruno Born

Sarah McDonald and James Nicol

Sarah Reiter and Daniel Ureta

Shayla Burnham and Fraser Constable

Shelly Vermeulen and Ken Sneade

Sherrie Blake and Blake Ralph

Jessica Hill and Mark Gahan

Sam Keating and Gyle Keating

Störii Wild and Dane Wild

Suzanne Burch and Dan Kent

Tara Brown and Mike Brown

Taryn Hancock and Allan Hancock

Tess Tremblay and Jeff Pringle

Therin Gower and Henry Baade

Tymon Montgomery and Robert Leader

Wera Riegger and Aljoscha Zentler

Jenny Wright and Steve Wright

Soheli Soheli and Shane Hubenig

Watch the Video to Find Who the Winners Are!


1st Runners Up - $50 Country Grocer Gift Card
Elaine Head and Bruce Logan
Pick up your prize at the Country Grocer Lotto Desk

Elaine Head and Bruce Logan

2nd Runners Up- $50 Country Grocer Gift Card
Jodie Miller and Mitch Nicholson
Pick up your prize at the Country Grocer Lotto Desk

Jodie Miller and Mitch Nicholson

Grand Prize Winners - Dinner for two to House Piccolo (Value $175)
Josie Ball and Ross Duncan
Pick up your prize at the Country Grocer Lotto Desk
Your reservation is for February 14th, please call House Piccolo to confirm!

Josie Ball and Ross Duncan

All other contest entrants will receive a 10% discount coupon per couple, good up to March 4th, 2020. Please pick up your vouchers before February 27th at our Community Relations Office, open Mondays to Thursdays 10-2.

Thank you for all the wonderful photos entered into our Country Grocer Valentines Photo Contest this year!

Happy Valentine's to All!

February 13, 2020 12:00 AM