Obituary: Lama Tsenjur

Lama Tsenjur passed away peacefully on January 24th 2020, while on a visit with family to Vienna. Lama Tsenjur Rinpoche was the first Senior Spiritual Teacher of KKC-KDOL from 1972 and in fact the first Lama of the very first Kalu Rinpoche Centre in the west. He bravely agreed to the request of the previous Kalu Rinpoche to come to teach in North America. Lama Tsenjur taught Tibetan, Chenrezig meditation, and introductory Buddhism to several of the students who went on to do the first three year retreat in the west, supported many others who later did the three year retreats at KDOL on Salt Spring Island, and introduced numerous others to Tibetan Buddhism – many of whom are still practising today.

Lama Tsenjur (and Lama Trinley Drubpa) managed the difficult transition in 1976 when almost all of KKC’s main students and sponsors left KKC for a three year retreat in France. During that period, Lama Tsenjur worked tirelessly to build up at the newly purchased retreat land (KDOL), and to teach, and support students in Vancouver. He was pivotal in the purchase of the KKC house in Burnaby, and supported everyone as they struggled to pay mortgages each month. Lama Tsenjur was involved (as was the 3 year retreat teacher Lama Drupgyu) in helping to build the retreat centre and support those students in their three year retreat on Salt Spring Island. He went into retreat at KDOL in 2002 and has continued to teach and support his many excellent students right up to his passing. His last words to those who had cared for him for many years was ཐུགསརྗེ་ཆེ༑ or “thank you” in English.

Please join us (at Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling) this Friday January 31st at 7 PM for prayer service for Lama Tsenjur Rinpoche; there will be another prayer service on Friday February 7th at 7 PM, and then a 21st Day service on Saturday February 15th at 2 PM- 5 PM. All sessions will be led by KKC’s excellent puja master (and friend of Lama Tsenjur) – Lama Tenzin.


Lama Sue and Lama Tenzin

January 30, 2020 8:00 AM

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