New Initiatives to Promote the Sustainability of our Local Economy

The Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) announces three new Initiatives to Promote the Sustainability of our Local Economy - Salt Spring Island’s Community Economic Commission (CEDC) is announcing three new initiatives to help local entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Piloting in mid-2020 will be the development of a commercial distribution and export hub providing local food and beverage producers, artisans and craftspeople, along with health and wellness fabricators, the opportunity to share the cost of services and/or resources needed to grow and sustain their operations. Through the initiative local producers will have access to dedicated marketing and sales agents; shared labour force resources, and a value chain designed to facilitate more efficient production of supplies.

The second initiative is the planning of an Innovation Centre for Rural Sustainability to help foster an environment appropriate for testing and scaling innovative green business solutions and technologies.  The first project of its kind, this initiative will be a testing ground for how rural island communities can provide targeted support for green solutions. The Centre will also be positioned to attract green and clean tech entrepreneurs who want to test and demonstrate how economically viable, environmentally friendly, and socially sustainable green practices can effectively address rural community issues such as: water quality and quantity, transportation, renewable energy, food security, and waste management. The Centre will deliver practical climate crisis positive solutions for building community economic resilience.

Another initiative set to launch early in 2020 is an animated web-based ‘Regulatory Roadmap’.  This initiative will be helpful to Islanders who want to understand and work with the complexities of government in a positive and productive way. At the rural local and regional level, there are multiple agencies involved in obtaining land and business development applications. This can be confusing and frustrating, and is often a barrier to attracting green and clean business to the island. To address this challenge, CEDC engaged a researcher and a web developer to create a tool for helping applicants understand the rural development application process.

The CEDC welcomes interested individuals who are active in an economic sector – and have the time, and the desire to help make a positive difference in support of enduring community economic well-being for Salt Spring. For more information on joining CEDC or about any or all of these initiatives, please contact:  For more information about the CEDC, visit:


January 17, 2020 8:00 AM