Opportunity Portraits: InDro Robotics

Deirdre Rowland with the Community EcDev Commission shares their profile of InDro Robotics who specializes in the manufacture, distribution and operation of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Their technology has been utilized in disaster planning, search and rescue missions, climate research, early detection of wildfire hazards and to provide agriculture & vegetation management. We recently caught up with local President and CEO Philip Reece.

Indro Robotics - Q & A With Philip Reece, President and CEO

How has InDro Robotics changed the way drones are positioned in terms of delivering services that make a difference in the world?

InDro Robotics has been working on delivery of urgent care equipment from the very start. We were the first in the world to deliver and AED (heart defibrillator) back in 2014, and we have built on that success ever since, working with industry regulators, first responders and hospital to deliver urgent care items, blood and blood products. Earlier this year we made another first, by delivering prescription drugs from London Drugs on Vancouver Island to Country Grocer on Salt Spring.

Being a Salt Spring resident how has living remotely added to your creativity and purpose as an entrepreneur and allowed you to thrive as a CEO?

Living on Salt Spring has certainly added to my abilities to be creative, I never feel as though I am living remotely though, with 25 minutes access into the city in the float plane or any number of ferries. The strength of the company has always been in the team that we have built and the Island has always come through in that regard. We have been able to recruit technician, PhDs and professionally skilled engineering people all locally and when we can't find the talents we need, we have been able to entice recruits from all over Canada, who are eager not only to work in such a fast paced industry, but to be able to balance that with the beauty of living on such a wonderful Island. We have now expanded into Vancouver and Ottawa and are staffing up in those locations as well.

Many locals know you best from your years at Salt Spring Air, how did that prepare you to take on a burgeoning field and lay the ground work for your success?

InDro has Aviation in its DNA, we have commercial and military helicopter and fixed wing manned pilots on the team, we build our procedures and equipment with safety at the forefront and we are focused on being able to operate long distance flights in complex airspace with other users. With the recent innovation shown by Harbour Air and Salt Spring Air, on the development of their new electric Beaver, it feels like the two worlds just moved a little closer together.

Deirdre Rowland on behalf of the CEDC

December 23, 2019 7:00 AM

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