Opportunity Portraits: Rhubarb Designs

Deirdre Rowland with the Community EcDev Commission shares their profile of Rhubarb Designs: Goods That Inspire and Preserve Tradition and Art Forms - Lorraine Hamilton is known for her inspiring landscape ideas and imaginative plant combinations.

How has your move from the world of natural landscapes into the world of home décor been?

Well, I see everything as an extension of the outdoors so the move for me has been an easy one. I am still heavily involved in the landscape world and it is a constant frame of reference. For me the outdoors captures so many things that are intrinsic to the way we experience the world. The shop is full of goods that connect us to that and to the world beyond our doorsteps. The running criteria for the goods I carry are they must be made of natural materials, mostly made by hand, have a story, be goods that support other communities, preserve tradition, have a small footprint, be useful, celebrate good design, be original, and add inspiration to your every day experience.

What is your favourite way to improve a space, especially a Salt Spring home that needs a new or fresh look?

Oy, that is a hard question. I believe the goods we surround ourselves need to matter and add to your life. I think most of us could live without most of the stuff we surround ourselves with, so choose carefully what your core items are and make sure they will stand the test of time. That means classic, clean lines, best quality materials. From there start layering gently. I really don't change my decor much but boy do I add greenery, paint colours, flowers, textiles and food to change up a mood.

With your years of experience what kind of advice would you offer a young entrepreneur who wants to work in this sector?

Do the 10,000 hours! Know your stuff. Learn the rules so you can break them. Trust your instincts. Be a good listener. Keep learning and questioning. Be open. Be a team player. Don't be afraid. Lead with integrity. Take as much time as you need. Communicate. Look at the whole picture and really think through from start to finish. Be willing to compromise. Ask questions. Trust the process. Show up and do your best. Be inspired and be inspiring.

December 18, 2019 8:59 AM