Opportunity Portraits: Twang & Pearl

Deirdre Rowland with the Community EcDev Commission shares their profile of Twang & Pearl: Inspired by the People & Stories Behind the Goods Curated - Jana Thomas combines her love of travel with a sincere appreciation for beauty.

You’ve been a traveller and a buyer, how has your eye for curated goods expanded or changed over the years?

I didn’t really set out to be either. I discovered a love for travelling as most people do - by travelling. I tend to appreciate and find beauty in experiences as much as I do in ‘things’ and travelling has opened me up to both in spades - one feeding the other. In other words, whether travelling near or far, it’s the people or community of people behind the products that really makes the beauty shine thru. So I guess as I travel more, my community expands and my eye for curation expands with it.

Being a long-time Salt Spring Island-er you’ve seen many changes in the business landscape, what keeps you inspired?

I can’t lie, running a business on Salt Spring comes with its own unique set of challenges. But Twang & Pearl’s success has resided in finding the balance between focussing inward (on my own business and amazing team) and collaborating outward (with like-minded businesses on Salt Spring and in the larger community I’ve found travelling). I find inspiration equally from both. It really does take a village (inside your business and outside) to make magic happen.

How has your love for travel focussed your curator instincts and what has this experience taught you as a business owner?

I’d sum this up with an experience I had on the first leg of my first trip to India and Thailand many years ago with Salt Spring Air. I was having a chat about my new adventure with then co-owner Saint and as I was disembarking the sea plane for a bigger plane, Saint said to me, “Have fun, and share the wealth.” That just stuck with me and sums up my personal and business ethos. We are all more successful if we are all successful. As kindness begets and attracts kindness, success begets and attracts success.

Deirdre Rowland on behalf of the CEDC

December 11, 2019 8:59 AM