Watch: Fernwood Combined Choir Sing "Scars to your Beautiful" for CBC Music Challenge

These students are a combined choir from the Grade 3/4/5 classes at both Fernwood and Salt Spring Island Elementary Schools, in Salt Spring Island B.C. Each school, lead by music teacher Whitney Walker, was excited to enter the CBC Challenge, but decided to work together to combine their voices, rather than submit two tapes. They have met weekly at noon for the last month or so in their respective schools, to learn their song. “Scars to Your Beautiful,” by Alessia Cara, was the Canadian selection they chose, because of the beauty of the message; “Just Be Yourself.” Then they came together on taping day, meeting for the very first time, to create their tape together to submit to the Music Challenge as one large choir. What a great experience it was singing

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November 26, 2019 8:22 AM

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