Concepts: Vesuvius Terminal Development Planning

Vesuvius Bay terminal is located on the northwest coast of Salt Spring Island. This terminal provides service to Crofton on Vancouver Island, via a 25 minute ferry crossing on the Quinitsa. The Quinitsa has a vehicle capacity of 44 AEQ* (automobile equivalent) and can carry 300 passengers and crew; it is equipped with accessible car deck lounges and accessible washrooms and provides daily service year round. By 2022, the Quinsam will replace the Quinitsa, providing 63 AEQ* and carrying 400 passengers and crew. This terminal is an important link between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island for residents and visitors alike.

After hearing customers' concerns on this route with overloads that affected their travel experience, BC Ferries met with Salt Spring community members in August to explore solutions for improvement. In September, we announced that as a result, we will deploy the Bowen Queen (61 Automobile Equivalent – AEQ) on the route during peak seasons until the MV Quinsam (63 AEQ) is brought into service in a few years time. In 2020, the Bowen Queen will service the route between April and October.

Terminal Development Plan

In February 2019, our Terminal Development team along with key staff from various departments at BC Ferries began the process of creating a Terminal Development Plan for the Vesuvius Bay terminal. The Terminal Development Plan is a long-term plan and vision for the terminal and involves identification of key issues and opportunities, conceptual options, identification of preferred concepts and the development of an implementation schedule for future terminal upgrades.

We’re working on the Crofton and Vesuvius Terminal Development Plans

Over the last six months, our Terminal Development Team has been working with the FAC and key stakeholders to identify key issues and opportunities at the terminals. We are now ready to gather your input on them.

November 20, 2019 10:23 AM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Josephine Fletcher says:

    I feel the eight parking spots as you enter right are just annoying to the vehicle's that can be very large entering ie large trucks. .If you could just lengthen the lines with not these parking spot you will have more cars able to park in those lines. I suggest a retaining wall will not environmentally damage the area and thus more lines could be placed in the inner parking . The retaining wall can be compensated by planting indigenous trees such as young arbutus and oak as it get very hot on the bank. As well as dry loving plants like kinnickinick.

  • Avatar DoloresBG says:

    I would like to know if the dock will be designed to "weather" the anticipated sea level rise? If we are forced to rely on (and pay for ) ferries for connectivity to the big island, I would like to know it is long-range plan and design (minimal!!! cost to adjust to sea level changes) , not a quick, expensive, one-time build.

  • Avatar cfowles says:

    If they would put on a decent size ferry, we probably wouldn't need all of this. VBR is a dead end after all.