100 Men Who Care Launched on Salt Spring Island

Part of being alive is the desire to help others through action. While there are many ways to accomplish this philanthropy, one common way is to give generously of our wealth and abundance. Who hasn’t donated to their favourite charity or not for profit organization? Doing so benefits both our neighbour and ourselves. However, most of us wonder at the difference our individual donation is really making. What if there was a way to multiply our giving tenfold without having to bake anything, join a committee, or attend endless meetings. Well, there is a simple way to multiply our giving, making a huge difference for our Island not for profit organizations.

Perhaps you have already heard of the 100 Women Who Care group started here on Salt Spring last fall. This group of dedicated women have single-handedly raised in one year over $49,000 for three Island not for profits. It is my belief that Island men can make a similar difference, providing much need assistance to under-funded Island organizations.

If the idea of joining other men three times a year to both learn about Island not-for-profits and donate $100 appeals to you, then I encourage you to join our newly formed 100 Men Who Care Salt Spring Island. It’s that easy: 100 men x $100 = $10,000 at each of the three annual meetings a year. Your yearly donation is $300 for which you will be issued a tax receipt.

The launch of the 100 Men Who Care Salt Spring begins today and our first funding meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16 at the Harbour House Hotel, 7pm. The only thing that you need to do now is join our organization at and help spread the word, both in-person and via social media. No money is paid until our first meeting on October 16th when, as a group, we decide which of the nominated not-for-profits will be awarded the $10,000.

If you are not quite ready to join our organization and want more information there will be two orientation meetings held at the Salt Spring Island Public library from 5-6pm on September 25 and October 2. At these brief meetings you will learn all about the concept behind 100 Men Who Care. How there are already over 100 chapters of Caring men and Women across Canada, as well as have a chance to ask any questions. There will also be a chance to join, and nominate any not-for-profit Island organization.

100 Men Who Care is sponsored by the Salt Spring Exchange.

September 16, 2019 5:59 PM

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