Win Discounted Tickets to 'Time Piece' with Country Grocer

Here's your chance to win a voucher to purchase a $10 ticket to 'Time Piece', a locally produced thematic rock concert with dialogue while also helping to support Dawn and Cindy, two former Country Grocer employees, each going through challenging times.

'Time Piece' is a thematic rock concert featuring a wide variety of music from artists such as Pink Floyd, Sting, Barenaked Ladies, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Cyndi Lauper, Neil Young and more brought to you by the people who produced “Peter on the Brink” - Disclaimer: there will be a fog machine and loud music!

Win a voucher that will get you into the show for just $10 for the Friday, September 13th or Saturday, September 14th performances and while you save on money on your ticket, the proceeds of the savings will go to Dawn and Cindy. We have 50 vouchers to give away for each night. Enter soon before they run out!

There are two nights and two ways to get discounted tickets.

For the Friday, September 13th show:

Go to our Country Grocer SSI Facebook page, look for our contest post and answer the skill-testing question. We’ll notify you by Facebook messenger of your win.

For the Saturday, September 14th show:

Submit a photo of yourself with a time piece using the form below and we’ll notify you by email of your win.

Vouchers that are won will need to be picked up at the Country Grocer Community Office located at the opposite end of the shopping centre from the Liquor Store. Hours are Mondays-Thursdays 10-2. The vouchers can be picked up until Thursday, September 12th.

Country Grocer is pleased to be supporting local theatre and on behalf of Dawna and Cindy we thank you.

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Here's a sample of an entry to inspire your submission!

Here are some of the entries so far!

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