Islanders Health and Safety at Risk Without Clear Communications

Reliable and effective emergency communications are vital. The island’s Emergency Program debriefs conducted after last winter’s storms identified the serious and potentially disastrous inadequacies of the current system.

Salt Spring Fire Rescue together with the other emergency services knows very well how critical clear communications are to their ability to respond.

A new antenna that would deliver state of the art, reliable telecommunications for all of our emergency services have been proposed for a site situated between Lady Minto, the RCMP offices and (one day) Salt Spring’s Fire Rescue Department. It is for communications only among emergency services and is a critical element in a regional network.

So, why would our politicians stymie this critically needed installation? It seems that a small group is fearful of electromagnetic fields (EMF) despite the findings of Health Canada and the World Health Organization and has made the politicians shy of making a straight forward decision.

Why are they so hesitant? Health Canada and the World Health Organization both take a science-based, precautionary approach and have the expertise and resources to be relied upon. They say EMF is safe – do you use a cell phone, a computer, watch TV, or listen to broadcast radio? The communications experts and the emergency services know their business so why are the politicians dithering when the need is so obvious and the solution so evident?

I’m betting that the majority of Salt Spring residents rely on the expertise of the police, ambulance, Lady Minto hospital, fire/rescue and other emergency services. Why would we allow their efforts to be hampered and the safety of our loved ones put at risk?

Tell your representatives to the Islands Trust and CRD what you think.

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Antenna Viewed Through Trees

August 22, 2019 4:42 PM