Trust to Put Brakes on Fulford Inn 'Vortex' Project

As many of you know, our proposal is a Development Permit with Variances. We propose to amend the motel, liquor store, and pub uses under the existing zoning into a modern, vibrant village square that offers an immersive Saltspring experience to visitors, while providing an essential gathering place for South Island residents, an essential community component sadly missing since the closure of the Fulford Inn ten years ago. Our application represents the highest standard of professional development, which provides a significant cultural amenity for our community while ensuring ongoing stewardship and protection of the Fulford Creek and estuary.

After an extensive application process, we have finally learned that the staff will not recommend the application. Their interpretation of the bylaw is that the variances, which include three small retail kiosks of 300 sf (which would replace the liquor store use approved for the site), a market square for community gathering, while consistent with the definition of “ motel” is a departure from the spirit of that definition.

It's a difficult result when we believe our project proposal supports sustainable, climate-change-conscious development, emphasizing community over cars. It is remarkable that the Islands Trust staff would be short-sightedly enforcing a 50-year-old tourism model developed around the use of cars when we are now in a climate crisis. Our project is about community, culture and economic revitalization of the South-end. Please consider exercising your voice by lending us your support.

Please contact Laura Patrick ( and Peter Grove ( or send a letter or email to the Islands Trust and express your support for the Saltspring Vortex.

Read the full application:

Salt Spring - SS-LTC_2019-07-16_SS-DVP-2018.17_RPT_ATT03_DVP

The full staff report will be made available on Wed Aug 21 on the following link.

Aerial View of Proposed Salt Spring Vortex Project at Fulford Inn

August 20, 2019 5:28 AM

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