Podcast: An Environmental Organization that's Changing Our Future Outcome

Have you ever wondered who was behind the Electric Vehicle Recharge Stations, Car Stops, Eco Home Tours, solar panels on the high school’s roof, Rainbow Road Gardens on Salt Spring Island on the island?

In this episode, I’m talking with an organization that is helping communities with reducing their dependence on fossil fuels & increasing local resilience to the effects of climate change. They’re making it really easy for people to launch their projects.

Have you guessed yet? It is The Transition Salt Spring Society (which by the way is different from the Transitions House & second-hand shop on the island). They’re apart of a global organization that is helping communities bring their dreams of a new resilient culture to the forefront.

In this show we’re talking about:

  • When surrounding ourselves with people who are inspired about the future, it opens our future potentials back up.
  • How shifting from hopelessness (about environmental issues) and changing how we think and act increases the percentage of possibility of a thriving future.
  • How your environmental project can be supported into full realization with the help of this organization.
  • How to create this type of society in your home town.

Anne Parkinson is the chair of the board of directors of the Transition Salt Spring Society. She is also a Registered Professional Biologist.

Erinanne Harper is Transition Salt Spring Societies Administrator, she’s also a Community Organizer and a Permaculture Designer.

I’m Gaianna Sophia, a radio show host on-the-air at the Salt Spring Gulf Island Community Radio & interviewing people near and far who are making good news on the planet by helping to shift the outcome of our future.

People and companies are creating solutions to local and global issues we’re facing at the moment. Sharing the good news that’s happening on the planet is key at this time as there are people out there who are making big changes and we need to see the turning tides.

If you know of someone who’s making beautiful changes for our future then send me their contacts and let me know what they’re up to. Who know’s, they might end up on the show!

Xoxo Gaianna Sophia Love
Radio Show Host

July 22, 2019 10:08 AM

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